More About That Religious Exemption

August 19, 2021

The “Vax Net” is getting larger. Healthcare providers, government employees and contractors, soldiers, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, airline employees, teachers, coaches, and more are on the growing list. More will be added. I promise. I have seen this movie before. Hubris knows no bounds. O, and about coaches, the net has caught me. If you did not know, I am the boys’ varsity basketball coach at Sound Christian Academy. I am receiving daily inquiries from church members on how to respond. A growing number of our brothers and sisters are having to choose between a job or a jab. If…

About That Religious Exemption

August 12, 2021

On April 25, 2020, six weeks into ceasing Sunday morning worship at the directive of our governor, I preached a sermon entitled, “Who Says We Can’t Meet During the Virus?” It was an exposition of Romans 13:1-7. In it we spoke of “sphere sovereignty,” the teaching from Scripture that God has ordained three major “governments”—the family, the church, and the state. And as such, each was given certain responsibilities. Illustrated by a Venn diagram, these three government’s spheres have small portions that overlap (think Olympic circles) but most responsibilities assigned to the family, church, and state is unique to each.…

A Taste of Heaven on Earth

July 29, 2021

Many Christians (myself included) have wondered how a non-Christian navigates life amidst the ups, downs, heartaches, and disappointments of the human condition. The word insurmountable comes to mind. So do the words loneliness and pointless. Yet many seem to manage, or do they? Life can smack hard across the face at times. Imagine not having Jesus when it does. In one of C.S. Lewis’s more imaginative books, “The Great Divorce,” a series of conversations take place between departed souls regarding Heaven and Hell. Most are tragic exchanges with those still refusing to give up their reasons, excuses, and self-deception and…

Maggots by Morning

July 22, 2021

Not far from and not long out of Egyptian chains, Israel began to grumble. They remembered their meat pots and leeks but seemed to forget their fetters (Exodus 16). So, they complained, something they would become quite good at. And God, in His mercy and provision, sent them bread from heaven (manna). It arrived in the dew and burned off by the heat of day. God’s instruction was simple, pick up enough for the day. The lesson? Do not worry about tomorrow’s hunger, God would provide the following morning. But of course, there were those who questioned His provision. They…

But What If…?

June 17, 2021

Time for a thought experiment. And I am serious about it. I want you to consider a “what if?” A little over a year ago, we reopened our church doors. We were told to keep them shut. But ten weeks of that was enough. God was to be worshiped, not from a couch but from a pew. Not just with a household, but with a congregation. The sights, sounds, and touch experienced corporately cannot be experienced watching a screen. Two things were acknowledged and discussed amongst our leadership prior to reopening. The first was we might get in trouble. That…


Sunday School on 9/26 is CANCELLED. We will be having both an 8:00 AM and a 10:00 AM service this Sunday (9/26). The 10:00 AM service will be livestreamed on this website and YouTube.