Our Spiraling Descent

May 20, 2022

The 19th century Russian novelist, essayist, and journalist Fyodor Dostoyevsky was a devout Orthodox Christian. He was known for his suspenseful plots where his characters often wrestled with questions of faith, suffering, and evil. Recognized as one of the world’s greatest authors, ashamedly I admit I have not read him. But I did come across him in the book I am currently reading, Scott Christensen’s What About Evil? A Defense of God’s Sovereign Glory. It’s over 500 pages, small font, and no pictures. I may be reading it for a while. But I am really enjoying it. Christensen quotes from…

2047: A Letter Written Twenty-five Years from Now to My Great Grandchildren

May 6, 2022

I am old now, soon to go the way of all men. God’s call is coming shortly. I am not long for this world. But I write with excitement and satisfaction. For tomorrow, the State of Washington’s Legislature is voting to outlaw abortion, to rid our state of its 75-year reprehensible behavior of killing children in the womb. I want my great grandchildren to know the story of our sordid past that has finally given way to tomorrow’s historic vote. As you know from your history books, the carnage and wickedness of Roe, law for nearly 50 years in our…

Cannot Escape the Truth

April 22, 2022

Some more on abortion, for the carnage continues (62 million and counting since Roe v. Wade). The United States Supreme Court may soon curtail or even throw out the court’s most wicked ruling from years ago. Washington State is preparing for such and doing all it can to solidify itself as an abortion sanctuary. Yea us. The Evergreen State wants to be the Red State, not conservative mind you, but the one flowing with blood. This past week I came across an old New York Times piece, written in 1976, just a few years after Roe. The author is Linda…

Really Awesome Friday

April 15, 2022

I still remember “liver and onion” night as a kid. We probably didn’t eat it that often but it seemed like it showed up at dinner every few weeks. I can still remember the “tub” it came in from the store. I can still remember looking at the reddish-brown “blob” as it was thrown into the pan. I can still remember the smell of the kitchen when it was fried. And no amounts of sautéed onions smothered on it could veil the fact that just a few days previous it was an organ in a cow, secreting bile. That sounds…

What Happened to Emily?

April 8, 2022

I did not want to write this blog. I have grown weary of the topic. But a copy of an editorial from Saturday’s The News Tribune has been next to my desktop all week. The way the op-ed printed from my electronic copy of the paper has a photo of the article’s author on the first page. She’s a smiling 30-something State Senator from the 26th Legislative District named Emily Randall. But do not let the smile fool you. She is fighting for the right to pierce, crush, and suction babies in the womb. She entitled her piece, “Patients seeking…

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