Christian Culture: Find It, Create It

January 28, 2021

There was a time in our past where the ascetics headed for the desert and the monks hid behind high walls. Removing oneself from society was thought the way to keep oneself pure. But like our shadow, we take our sin with us wherever we go. For two-plus centuries the church has had a good run in America. In fact, the church was instrumental in the birthing of our nation. Despite publishers and editors trying to scrub that fact, facts are facts. The last 60 years, however, have been difficult. Secularism, the acid that it is, has eaten away much…

Behind Enemy Lines

January 21, 2021

Charles had become good at crawling in the shadows. He had been doing so for some time. When you are behind enemy lines, you keep your head down and you stay low. It was unclear how he got there. But the landscape did not lie. He was in enemy territory. The thought of getting caught terrified Charles. He had heard the stories of what they did. He must not be found out. He had to blend in. It was difficult to do so. In fact, it was becoming increasingly difficult to do so. Enemy soldiers seemed everywhere. They were on…

Is It Over?

January 14, 2021

Is the sun setting on America? No one knows. He does, of course, but we don’t. The temptation is to assess matters based upon snapshots and not videos. Snapshots capture a moment in time. Videos record much more. A photograph of Russell Wilson surrounded by three imposing defensive linemen doesn’t look good. A video doesn’t deny that dire reality, but keep watching, he ducks and reverses out and throws a touchdown. I don’t know if there are any “touchdowns” in our future. Perhaps we are about to be “sacked.” As a nation, we certainly deserve to be. Sorry to keep…

A Conversation in Heaven

January 7, 2021

On the shore of the River of Life, a small group of friends had assembled. The topic of testimony came up. The Apostle Paul said he was in his late twenties when he got thrown from his horse and heard Jesus’ voice from heaven. Zacchaeus said he was in his mid-thirties when Jesus called him down from the sycamore tree. Nicodemus said his born-again experience did not come until he was well into his forties. Joseph of Arimathea said he was not given the courage to call Jesus his Savior until he was in the second half of his fifties.…

A Remarkable Journey

December 30, 2020

Evangelical Reformed Church was founded 24 years ago. Ours was an unusual birth. There were no other church or churches involved, just five families who believed it was what the Lord would have us do. With not much more than our faith, we rented a church building, and opened up our doors to 58 people that first Lord’s Day. Many faces come to mind as I close my eyes and think back over the years. Sadly, some of the faces no longer have names. The years have added up. I sometimes wonder about that family that dropped in on us…

Whose Disciple?

December 17, 2020

We breathe culture. We do because society’s norms are all around us. Culture codifies acceptable conduct. And therein lies the problem. Culture is dictated by what man thinks. Therefore, we must be careful. The question becomes, “Are we breathing in man’s wisdom and norms, shaping how we act and think, which often runs counter to God’s wisdom and norms?” In varying degrees, we all do. Breathing is an automatic function. Like blinking, we do not think about it. We just do it. So, if we are always taking in what culture defines as acceptable—regarding behavior, dress, entertainment, morality, language, and…

The Wilderness and the Outpost

December 3, 2020

The Wilderness was beautiful. It was open, it was wild, it was free. It was full of opportunity and promise. But the Wilderness was also dangerous. Many did not see it that way, though. Maybe this was because it was so enchanting and captivating. There also was a misguided thought one could live there as if there were no rules. But acknowledged or not, the Wilderness had rules. There was an Outpost in the Wilderness. In earlier times it was more prominent then now. It had fallen on hard times. It once was the center of life in the Wilderness.…

King Jesus

November 19, 2020

Church Family, This past week, Governor Inslee instituted new rules, regulations, and dictates regarding COVID-19. In doing so, his long arm from Olympia has once again overextended into the life of the church. He reiterated that sanctuaries are to be limited to 25% capacity (that is not new). What is new, however, is that he has dictated that during worship we may no longer sing. Regarding weddings and funerals, he has ordered that those services are limited to 30 people and there are to be no receptions afterward. Our response and practice going forward is the same position we have…

Amy’s Faith

October 15, 2020

Does faith work? That is, does faith show itself. James definitively answered that question a long time ago, “Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead” (James 2:13). So yes, faith works. It shows itself. It declares itself. It does so out of gratitude for undeserved salvation. I am all in on the President’s Supreme Court nomination, Amy Coney Barrett. By all accounts except the most strident liberal, she is well qualified. It is said that she is a Charismatic Catholic, an odd combination. I have problems with both. But if sincere, we will see her in…

Living in Mushy Middleville

October 8, 2020

Christian lived in Mushy Middleville. He liked his life. It was easy to like. For the most part, people left him alone. Not to be mean, but they left him alone because they didn’t notice him. He was nondescript because that’s the way he lived life. If life was a golf game, he was middle of the fairway. You could count on it. A few of his acquaintances knew he went to church. Some knew he was conservative regarding some social issues—just some issues, though, because it was unclear where he stood on those that could lead to raised voices.…

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