For Reading Around the Thanksgiving Table: A Parable

November 25, 2021

Weary from the week and frankly with nothing better to do, Sam went to bed. Besides, he had to winterize the home in the morning. If the weather cooperated, he might even throw up some Christmas lights. Something he hadn’t done for years. He hadn’t been real “Christmasee” for a while. He hadn’t been since the wife left him and the kids had moved out. Maybe if he joined the rest of the neighborhood in Christmas cheer, Hazel from next door would stop giving him the stink eye when he got the mail and retrieved his garbage can from the…

Standing Up to Leviathan

November 19, 2021

In years past political parties used to speak of their “platform,” a formal collection of their positions and aspirations. “Planks” made up their platform, statements and positions on individual issues such as tax rates, domestic goals, foreign policy, and so forth. In years gone by, civil debate and discussion took place between politicians and constituents regarding the planks and platform of political parties. In such times, Republicans and Democrats were often friends. They played golf together. They went to church together. They married each other. They did so because most policies were not overtly moral in nature. They were political…

Brains on the Floor

November 5, 2021

G.K. Chesterton, a large man with an even larger wit, had the rare gift of saying much with little. His few words on a matter were often poignant, sharp, and provocative. He did not need a paragraph. He just needed a sentence. One hundred years ago he advised his contemporaries, “Do not be so open-minded that your brains fall out.” Today, it is wise to watch where you step; for brains seem to be all over the floor. Brains have fallen out on a host of matters. The obvious ones are aplenty. There are more than two sexes. Gender is…

Time for Jenny

October 29, 2021

My disgust has gone from simmering to boiling the past few months. I am referring to our civil overlords who believe their role and title is Over Lord. Some believe they suffer from narcissism. That may be. But I believe the better diagnosis is demi-god. Their arrogance, hubris, and condescending self-importance busted the scale months ago. Now here we are. No end in sight. People losing their jobs. More restrictions on the way. When will this deep blue and minimally churched state have enough of this nonsense? I look out and see sheep everywhere. Not the Jesus-follower kind of sheep…

What Did You Sign Up For?

October 22, 2021

There are two things I have never done (actually, there are millions of things I have never done). But you know what I mean. The first is that I have never walked into a military recruiter’s office. But I imagine some of their spiel, “Come see the world”; “The GI bill will be waiting for you”; “You will learn to be all you can be”; stuff like that. The second is I have never sat through a time share presentation. But I imagine some of their pitch being, “You can own property all over the world”; “No more tents or…

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