There Will Be A Day

white clouds during daytime

When wounds will be just scars.

When we’ve forgotten what hurt, heartache, and disappointment felt like.

When every day will be Sunday morning.

When everyone will be a friend.

When the old will have been made new.

When all tears shed will be ones of joy.

When Bible characters will be acquaintances.

When all the redeemed through the ages will be together.

When ailments and maladies and disabilities will be no more.

When all the why’s will be answered.

When we will hear Jesus’ voice.

When we will feel Jesus’ touch.

When moms and dads meet the baby they lost.

When what divided loved ones will vanish.

When we shall hear, “Well done” and “Enter into your rest.”

When we will gaze into the face of God.

There will be a Day. And what a Day that will be.

Pastor Rich Hamlin
May 26, 2022

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