COVID 19 ~ Letter to Church Regarding the Next Several Lord’s Days

March 19, 2020

March 19, 2020 Church Family, Your elders and deacons met last evening to discuss our plan regarding COVID-19. Sadly, we will not be assembling at the church building. Though your leadership will be making decisions on a week-to-week basis, it appears we won’t have any large group gatherings for the next several weeks. This means there will be no Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship, Bible Education Night, Membership Class, Men’s Breakfast, and Ladies’ Spring Tea and anything else on the church calendar until further notice. What will we be doing? We are encouraging individuals and families to worship Sunday as…

Cultural Blindness

March 29, 2018

Kenya was an amazing experience. It was the third time in ten years I had the opportunity to help train Kenyan pastors. Lynn went with me this time, speaking twice to over 100 women, many of them pastor’s wives. We worked in the southern portion of the country, near the Kenyan border with Tanzania. The dominant tribe in this area is the Maasai. Most of them live today as they have lived for centuries. This equates to mud huts with no water, no electricity, no sewer, and no sanitation. They dress as they have for generations; colorful fabric and beaded…

Weary and Tired

March 30, 2017

I get weary. It’s not predictable. It’s not seasonal. It’s not even brought on by the same stuff. It just seems to happen from time to time. Sometimes it’s from dealing with my own sin; sometimes it’s from dealing with someone else’s. There are times it’s financially related. The service engine light in the car popped on and I know that’s not a $20 fix. Other times it’s just driving home. The neighborhood isn’t headed in the right direction. Half the homes have become rentals and the graffiti “artist” is showing up more and getting bolder. Our car tabs keep…

A Praying Parent

February 23, 2017

A Partial Prayer List for Parents as They Pray for Their Child Referenced in Pastor Rich’s sermon, A City on a Hill–Again Deuteronomy 4:1-14, February 19, 2017 This prayer list is taken from the book, Equipping God’s People for Kingdom Praying pray that your child: . . . will know Jesus early in life (Proverbs 22:6, 2 Timothy 3:15) . . . will have a hatred for sin (Psalm 97:10) . . . will be caught when guilty (Psalm 119:71) . . . will be protected from the evil one (John 17:5) . . . will respect those in authority over…


A Tribute to a Friend

April 20, 2016

According to the world’s math, he was average. Academically and athletically he was right in the middle of the bell curve. Professionally, as a teacher and coach, he took home an average paycheck. He chose to live, work, and worship within a mile of the school he graduated from. He had a wife, two kids and a picket fence. Last week, he died young at the hands of an all too common foe—cancer. By most accounts, many would say an unremarkable life. Or was it? There are many here who trace their friendship with Bruce back to our time at…


God or Caesar?

March 31, 2016

Most of us haven’t had to choose between God and Caesar—at least not yet. Times are changing like the seasons, however. Secularism is on the march. If religious freedom was an apple, government has been taking quite a few bites from it lately. Case in point, Georgia. The state legislature passed a bill this week that simply did the following: allow clergy to refuse to perform gay marriages and permit churches and affiliated religious groups to hire or not hire based on one’s faith. Just after the votes were counted, the cry of discrimination against the LGBT community went out.…

Christian Little

March 2, 2016

Christian Little liked to read the paper. He liked knowing what was going on. In November 2012, he read that his state legalized marijuana. He wondered if the sky was falling. Christian Little liked to listen to talk radio. He liked knowing what was going on. In June 2015, he heard the United States Supreme Court declared same-sex unions a constitutional right. He thought the sky might be falling. Christian Little liked to go on social media. He liked knowing what was going on. In July 2015, he saw a video of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts. He was becoming…

A Transgendered Parable

January 21, 2016

For the context of this parable, please read the previous blog: “An Open Letter to the YMCA“. A wolf walked into a barnyard. The rooster was first to sound the alarm. The pigs huddled. The sheep scampered. The chickens clucked. All the commotion brought the farmer running. “No worries,” said the wolf to the farmer. “I’m a sheep.” “You don’t look like a sheep,” insisted the farmer. “You’re a wolf.” “I’ve heard that all my life,” replied the wolf to the farmer. “I used to believe it. In fact, I’ve tried real hard to believe it. Now I know that’s…

An Open Letter to the YMCA

January 7, 2016

My blog is a letter I sent this week to Bob Ecklund, President and CEO of the Pierce and Kitsap County YMCA. In addition, I sent the letter to each of the YMCA’s Board of Directors–ten of them.   It concerns the “Y’s” recent decision that members are free to access whatever bathroom/locker room facility based upon their expressed “gender identity.” In other words, regardless of anatomy, people can use whatever bathroom/locker room they feel like. The transgender movement has pushed for this and the “Y” has succumbed. My letter is a call for them to reverse their ridiculous, dangerous,…

Culturally Required

December 3, 2015

The doors of the church remain wide open, the free offer of the Gospel proclaimed to all, but culture’s continued free-fall required us to clarify our Statement of Faith and amend our Bylaws. Hesitant to name specific sins given we are all sinners who have our own particular proclivities and sins to wrestle; we still felt it prudent to address our understanding of marriage given society’s recent redefinition. Adding to our motivation for action is our government’s penchant for forcible acceptance of whatever they deem evolving and enlightening—in this case, changing thousands of years of history’s definition and the Bible’s…

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