If Rip Woke Up Today

March 25, 2022

Washington Irving published his fanciful tale, Rip Van Winkle in 1819. The story is set in late 18th century America. Rip was squirrel hunting in the Catskill Mountains, dulled by drink he lays down for a nap. Deep sleep doesn’t explain the half of it. He wakes up 20 years later thinking it was the next day. He should have noted his beard was now a foot long, his dog was gone, and his rifle was covered in rust. When he enters his village, he barely recognizes it. There were buildings that weren’t there before. His clothing looked old-fashioned. He…

Resign Now

March 18, 2022

Every pastor and elder who voted for President Joe Biden must resign. And they must do so now. Because of Biden’s glaring and obvious incapacity? No. Because of Biden’s ridiculous progressive political views? No. Because of his implausible green agenda? No. Well, the more I think about it, yes. But that’s for another blog. Every pastor and elder who voted for President Joe Biden must resign now because of Biden’s inexcusable, unpardonable, and reprehensible support for abortion. He didn’t hide his views when he was a candidate. He hasn’t changed his views in office. He was enthusiastically endorsed by Planned…

How Did We Get Here?

March 4, 2022

Decades from now, if the world becomes saner through the Kingdom of God getting larger, we will have a conversation with our grandchildren or great grandchildren. And they may ask us something like this, “Tell us about the troubling times. How did it happen? What was wrong with people? Didn’t they see it coming? Why didn’t they stand against it?” If asked such questions, here are a few responses I would offer. “Children, it is because we didn’t know our Bibles, we didn’t know civics, we didn’t know economics, we didn’t know history, we didn’t know biology, and we didn’t…

Warrior Children

February 25, 2022

What is it you want for your kids? I hope its more than they turn out happy, successful, and come home for the holidays. A few weeks back in the blog “Have Some Kids,” I quoted Psalm 127:3-5. The passage that speaks of children being “arrows in the hand of a warrior” and blessed is the man “who fills his quiver with them.” The psalmist has chosen his metaphor. Children are weapons. But weapons for what? In short, children are weapons to advance the Kingdom of God. That means they aren’t to be idols. That means they aren’t to be…

We’d Choose the Sunny Side

February 18, 2022

Samuel Rutherford would have been a great pen pal. The 17th century Scottish pastor did his best work, like John Bunyan, with pen in hand while imprisoned for the gospel. His opponents tried to silence him. What they ended up doing was extending his ministry reach centuries through his letters. Spurgeon gave them the highest compliment a man putting pen to paper could receive, saying of them they were “the nearest thing to inspiration which can be found in all the writings of mere men.” In one of Rutherford’s letters, he writes to a friend, vulnerably communicating his resolve to…

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