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Library Ministry

Welcome to ERC Library

To get to the library you have to go up the stairs, down the hall. The Library is one of the doors on the left. There is a place to sit and read, some pretty good books, and even a CD/mp3 player/computer available to listen to prior sermons and presentations by other pastors.

If you are new to reformed theology and wondering where to start, our Pastor has listed some of the books that have been meaningful to him. Reading the books in Rich's Recommended Reading List will add much to your Christian walk.

Other Resources

If you are wondering if a book is worth your time try looking in Discerning Reader (formerly "Diet of BookWorms"). It is a website where you can research and buy christian books and authors. The reviews are from a conservative Protestant or Reformed perspective.

ERC LIBRARY Disclaimer:

This collection has been made available through donations by the elders and members of the church body, although not every book in this collection has been approved by our elders, nor have they been approved by our church body. They are made available for your use to enrich your knowledge and edify the body of Christ.