Church Library

assorted-title of books piled in the shelves

Welcome to the ERC Library

The library is conveniently located down the hall from the office entrance across from the main kitchen. There is a collection of books, DVDs, and other resources for the use of our church family. It has various subjects ranging from Systematic Theology to Christian Living to Church History. There is also a children’s fiction and non-fiction book section.

The library is open every Sunday during church hours. The church librarians are Rob and Liz Ney and Katherine West.

Online Catalog: All the ERC Library books can be found in our online catalog: You can search for books, authors, and topics to find particular books to pick up on Sunday.

Other Resources: If you are wondering if a book is worth your time try looking in Monergism Books. It is a website where you can research and buy Christian books and authors. Books on this site are from a Reformed perspective.

ERC LIBRARY Disclaimer: This collection has been made available through donations by the elders and members of the church body, although not every book in this collection has been approved by our elders, nor have they been approved by our church body. They are made available for your use to enrich your knowledge and edify the body of Christ.

Donation Policy

Thank you for your interest in donating materials to the ERC Library. We really appreciate your support!

Unfortunately, due to our limited space, we have to be selective in what materials we can accept. Please check our online catalog or talk to a librarian to determine if we already have a copy of the material you wish to donate. If so, we cannot accept another copy.

We generally are able to accept good quality donations that we don’t already own in the following categories: adult non-fiction published in the last five years, adult fiction, and youth fiction and non-fiction. Exceptions may be made in certain cases after discussion with a librarian for older important adult non-fiction that we don’t already own.

We are not accepting cassettes or VHS tapes at this time, though we may accept DVDs.

Before donating materials please make sure that your donations are suitable for our church library. We reserve the right to remove books from the library at any point because of content concerns, space restraints, and or other criteria. Books removed will be donated to other organizations or recycled.