Dogs go to Heaven?

February 27, 2014

Early in the pastorate, parents of six children called me to their home. The beloved family pet had died, and the kids had important questions they needed answered: “Will we see our dog again? Is he in heaven?” I recall giving a theological response that probably left them a little cold—something about only humans having a soul. Years later, I happily took up the conversation with them again. I told them I had reconsidered my position on the matter; having forgotten that at the end of the age there not only is a promised new heaven, but also a new…

Where’s My Romantic Comedy?

February 6, 2014

“Where you been Gabe?” Mike pretty much knew the answer; like himself, his colleague traveled a great deal. Both trekked the world—literally. Gabe gave the courtesy of an answer anyway, “Just got back from the northwest; prior to that I was in the south region for a while.” Having similar positions in the Company, they knew each other’s job well. Gabe politely threw the question back at Mike, “How ‘bout you, where have you been?” “Where haven’t I been is the better question?” Mike said, with a smile. Gabe knew what he meant. “I have been thinking about something though,”…

Voting for Slaughter

January 30, 2014

Last week was the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Large numbers can make us squint but here’s the tally: 57 million babies slaughtered since 1974. That’s about 3,200 lives every day in our nation since some black robes in D.C. said it’s OK to ignore the Sixth Commandment. Perhaps you don’t like the word “slaughtered.” Have you seen what’s left behind? I saw some photos this past week. If “slaughtered” doesn’t fit, it’s because it’s not strong enough. Some pastors (Frances Chan and John Piper, to name two) have showed their congregations photos of an abortion’s aftermath in case…

Mary: a Parable

January 16, 2014

She didn’t think she was good at anything. Truth be told, Mary was on the better half of medium on most everything, but she didn’t feel that way. Perception and reality don’t always agree. And in Mary’s case, feelings had painted her a false portrait. She was dutiful. No one could take that from her. Not even her husband. He was hard to please, but he knew Mary was “all in” for him and the kids. She wished they noticed the sacrifice more. But if they did, they never said. “Oh well,” she thought, “He’s got a lot on his…

Bob: A Parable

January 9, 2014

Bob was an average guy, that’s how he described himself anyway. Few would disagree. His wife sometimes thought she could have done better, but as her friend reminded her one time, “You could have done much worse, girl.” His son didn’t mind him. It was just that life had passed dad by, like outdated milk in a fridge—dad’s advice had expired long ago. His daughter thought he was alright. But she stopped talking to him a few years back. Besides, the boys were noticing her now, and social media had its demands. Bob’s dreams died years ago. They were already…

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