Behind Enemy Lines

January 21, 2021

Charles had become good at crawling in the shadows. He had been doing so for some time. When you are behind enemy lines, you keep your head down and you stay low. It was unclear how he got there. But the landscape did not lie. He was in enemy territory. The thought of getting caught […]

Is It Over?

January 14, 2021

Is the sun setting on America? No one knows. He does, of course, but we don’t. The temptation is to assess matters based upon snapshots and not videos. Snapshots capture a moment in time. Videos record much more. A photograph of Russell Wilson surrounded by three imposing defensive linemen doesn’t look good. A video doesn’t […]

A Conversation in Heaven

January 7, 2021

On the shore of the River of Life, a small group of friends had assembled. The topic of testimony came up. The Apostle Paul said he was in his late twenties when he got thrown from his horse and heard Jesus’ voice from heaven. Zacchaeus said he was in his mid-thirties when Jesus called him […]

A Remarkable Journey

December 30, 2020

Evangelical Reformed Church was founded 24 years ago. Ours was an unusual birth. There were no other church or churches involved, just five families who believed it was what the Lord would have us do. With not much more than our faith, we rented a church building, and opened up our doors to 58 people […]

Whose Disciple?

December 17, 2020

We breathe culture. We do because society’s norms are all around us. Culture codifies acceptable conduct. And therein lies the problem. Culture is dictated by what man thinks. Therefore, we must be careful. The question becomes, “Are we breathing in man’s wisdom and norms, shaping how we act and think, which often runs counter to […]


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