Never Give Up

August 12, 2022

Man gave up. He gave up in the Garden and he has given up ever since. God was simple and straightforward with Adam. Take care of Eden. Eat of every tree. But stay away from the one called the “knowledge of good and evil” (Genesis 2:17). Call it a test. When confronted with the Creator’s rule, would he obey? He would not. His obedience lasted less than a chapter (Genesis 3:6). To trust and obey was too limiting, so he thought. And Adam’s offspring has done the same through the centuries. Man, the rebel. Righteousness too hard. He has given…

Three Little Pigs and a Wolf

August 5, 2022

Three little pigs went out to build their life. The first little pig would do what made him happy. He had heard since his days as a piglet that life was about him. There wasn’t much planning, not a lot of foresight either. Just get up in the morning and follow his dream. And he did. He was successful. It appeared so, anyway. His posts on social media were always sunny, funny, and exciting. The second little pig would do what made sense. He had heard since his days as a piglet that the good things of life went to…

Thinking Like the Remnant

July 22, 2022

Early in redemptive history, God gave the Law to Moses on Mt. Sinai. He did so on the heels of the exile. Israel, in Egyptian bondage for four centuries, was miraculously rescued from her servitude. Regarding the Law, God’s people were promised blessings for obedience, and curses for disobedience. The greatest curse promised was exile from the Promised Land (Leviticus 26). After generations of disobedience, God fulfilled this promise by sending his people into exile beginning with the Assyrian and Babylonian Empires. Uprooted, Israel was forced to live as strangers, far away from Israel. But God pledged he would not…

Time for a Boycott?

July 1, 2022

There’s the screaming, fist-shaking, and tantrums out in front of SCOTUS. We expected that. There’s the soul-less politicians and their impassioned promises to restore what was lost. We expected that. There’s the Hollywood ranting how ashamed and saddened they are. We expected that. Here is what I did not expect. The number of businesses and corporations declaring they will pay for their employees to travel to get an abortion. About half the states have moved quickly to save the lives of babies in the womb. The other half, still blood-thirsty, are calling themselves “sanctuary” states. What a travesty of word…

There Will Be A Day

May 27, 2022

When wounds will be just scars. When we’ve forgotten what hurt, heartache, and disappointment felt like. When every day will be Sunday morning. When everyone will be a friend. When the old will have been made new. When all tears shed will be ones of joy. When Bible characters will be acquaintances. When all the redeemed through the ages will be together. When ailments and maladies and disabilities will be no more. When all the why’s will be answered. When we will hear Jesus’ voice. When we will feel Jesus’ touch. When moms and dads meet the baby they lost.…

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