What Happened to Emily?

person holding baby feet

I did not want to write this blog. I have grown weary of the topic. But a copy of an editorial from Saturday’s The News Tribune has been next to my desktop all week. The way the op-ed printed from my electronic copy of the paper has a photo of the article’s author on the first page. She’s a smiling 30-something State Senator from the 26th Legislative District named Emily Randall. But do not let the smile fool you. She is fighting for the right to pierce, crush, and suction babies in the womb.

She entitled her piece, “Patients seeking abortions are coming. WA must do its part to oppose Idaho’s new ban.” She is referring to our state neighbor to the east that recently made most abortions beyond six weeks illegal. This peeved the young senator. She calls what they did “unconscionable.” She said that it is “reproductive abuse.” And she pledged that “the doors of abortion providers in our state will stay open—no matter what.”

Senator Randall is beyond animated. Because she worries the rednecks living in Montana and Nevada may follow Idaho, she says “our state could see an increase of up to 385% of patients seeking abortion care…” There’s an odd twosome, “abortion care.” Can one abuse the word “care” any worse?

Thumbing through her editorial again, I flip back to the front. Once again confronted by her smiling picture. And the question arises, “How does a woman entertain such a position?”

I will go ahead and infuriate the Left even more with these gender and cultural assumptions. I bet when she was a girl, she played with dolls. I suspect she dreamed of having a family. I imagine her cuddling a kitten. I can envision her crying over a baby bird that fell from its nest.

So, what happened to Emily? Who got to her? Somebody had to, don’t you think? Listen to her now:

“We have been preparing for this moment [she’s alluding to the possibility of Roe v. Wade overturned and individual states restricting abortions] for decades—because we always knew that those who sought to control pregnant people’s bodies would stop at nothing, and because Roe v. Wade never guaranteed adequate and equitable access to sexual and reproductive health care [code for free abortions]. In fact, abortion bans have the greatest impact on the very people who already experience the highest barriers to health care: people living in poverty, people of color, LGBTQ people and people in rural communities…”

I ask again. What happened to Emily? Who got to her?

Maybe she’d say no one. That she’s always thought ending a baby’s life in a mother’s womb was good, right, and proper. If that was her response, I wouldn’t believe her. A quick Google says she went to Wellesley College and graduated with a degree in Women’s Studies. If she was not sending money to Planned Parenthood before arriving on campus, she sure was when she left.

However she arrived at her position; I feel sorry for her. A conscience that calloused and parched is difficult to understand. But there is also anger. She identifies herself as a champion for abortion. She fights for the right to kill babies. It drives her politically. It appears to be her passion.

Oppose her. Defeat her. And pray for her. Maybe there is still a little girl inside her.

Pastor Rich Hamlin
April 7, 2022

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