Mr. Big Man’s Demise

Mr. Big Man lived in his Bubble. A better term would be Iron Dome. Nothing penetrated his world. Secure in his worldview, Mr. Big Man and a few cronies were well past thinking themselves the smartest in the room. They believed themselves the smartest ever. No, really. They did. Ever.

So, Mr. Big Man declared Emergency. It was a clever ploy made by a not-so-clever man. Emergency meant no room for debate. Decisions must be made. Right now. Checks and balances? That’s so constitutional. Nice concepts from civics and all. But come on, there’s Emergency. Mr. Big Man was needed. That is what his Ego told him. And then his Ego told him that again. How fortunate, he thought to himself, were those living in the Kingdom. He would make all the important decisions now.

But that was one of his many problems. It was not his Kingdom.

Sadly, most of the Little People (the name Mr. Big Man gave the inhabitants of the land) did not seem to care too much about his waywardness. Mr. Big Man considered himself adored by the masses. After all, they had elected him. And they had done so again. And even a third time.

At first most did not pay attention to his growing bluster. Mr. Big Man lived out of sight in his Iron Dome. The People of the Kingdom had their own problems to navigate. But a growing number were noticing. And the muttering got louder. Some People of the Kingdom had enough. Though few Kingdoms rivaled the beauty of the Lakes, Forests, Fields, Mountains, and Ocean of this Kingdom, inhabitants were leaving for freer ones. Liberty is compelling. Tyranny not so much.

Some wondered if this is what Mr. Big Man wanted. Chase and scatter those who refused to Kiss the Ring? Perhaps. Most thought otherwise. Mr. Big Man could play checkers, but he was incapable of playing chess.

Tipping point? There would come a day. A host of matters contributed. The argument for Emergency wore thin. Policies failed and were debunked. The Sun and the Wind, though promised by Mr. Big Man to keep the Kingdom’s lights on, failed. There was growing safety concerns and cultural unrest.

But the surprising moment came when Baby Killing was overturned. Nevertheless, Mr. Big Man attempted to make the Kingdom a “safe haven” (his words) for murder. But the Womb was no longer dark. The picture was clearer now. And audio was capturing the scream. Even the most calloused and strident had to look away.

Mr. Big Man and his worldview were exposed and cast out. And the Kingdom of Lakes, Forests, Fields, Mountains, and Ocean became beautiful again. It was free. And the People of the Kingdom lived, laughed, and loved again.

Pastor Rich Hamlin
February 3, 2022

“Amending the Soil” Christian Education Conference

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