Our Moral Outrage

As a nation, we’re really good at moral outrage. Cecil the lion gets cut down somewhere in Africa and the news networks go nuts. Some want to outlaw hunting altogether. We want to know if our favorite coffee bean grown in the distant mountains of Central America comes from a fair-trade network or not. And what about that chicken for our BBQ, did the little guy get to free-range it or was he holed up in a cage all his life before he lost his head? We feel better about ourselves when we use our white towel at the hotel more than once because we’re saving the planet. And we’re finally getting rid of all the elephants at our zoos—about time we let those big fellas free because there social animals, you know.

It feels good to be morally superior then previous generations, doesn’t it? With one moral outrage after another we’re righting their wrongs. Oh, I just remembered, we finally got rid of that silly Confederate flag, too. And we’ve cranked the heat on the NFL’s Washington Redskins; rumor has it they’ll be the Washington Politicians by next season—cool. And lest we forget a really big one, it was 5-4 but our nation got it done, didn’t we. After hundreds of years and countless civilizations getting it wrong, as our progressive and righter-of-wrongs president reminded us, “love is love”—homosexual marriage has arrived. It’s so much fun being smarter than all those who have gone before us!

Our selective moral outrage certainly is busy with its agenda; an agenda that pays little or no attention to God’s. Planned Parenthood has been exposed. And to call them a corporation from hell is using no hyperbole. You must watch the videos exposing them; their calloused soul, bloodied hands, and insatiable greed. Five have been released by the Center for Medical Progress with more videos promised in the coming weeks. They are to be commended for their efforts. The visuals are powerful and the dialogue is damning. The videos show Planned Parenthood’s ghoulish labs, smug technicians, and proud administrators showing off their contribution to women’s health—peddling a dish full of baby organs and limbs.

But where is the nation’s moral outrage now? A great litmus test is before us and thus far we are seeing how acidic our culture has become. How far gone are we? Planned Parenthood still has plenty of apologists, and 46 Senators just voted to keep sending them 1 ½ million of our tax dollars every day.

One wonders what it will take to change the hearts and minds of those that think it’s civilized and moral to kill and then part out a baby. From our 21st century perch, we disappointingly ask questions of those who have gone before us: “What was our Christian founding fathers thinking endorsing slavery?” “Why didn’t the German Christians do more to stop Hitler?”

What will our disappointed descendants ask us? “Why didn’t the Christians stop the carnage? How could they have allowed it? Did they do everything they could?” Some smart progeny may in defense quip, “At least they recycled.”

Pastor Rich Hamlin

August 5, 2015

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