Bury Them

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work” (Thomas Edison).

You must watch each video released by the “Center for Medical Progress.” They are not fun. You may not get through them. Nevertheless, you must go back to them until you do. Please do so. You must get everyone in your circle to watch them. You must do what you can to drive as much traffic to them as possible. They expose Planned Parenthood, prick our national conscience, and beg the question, “What kind of people are we?”

There’s momentum in sports and there’s momentum in business. I’ve noticed there’s even momentum in the church; numerical growth and new ministry breeds energy and excitement—it fosters more growth and more ministry. This is why squandered momentum can be wasted opportunity.

“Pro Life” has momentum right now. “Pro Death” has been exposed. Despite the efforts of many cultural elites to squash the story, the abortion industry is being revaluated by many. The industry hasn’t changed it’s just that more have become aware. Perhaps the scales can now tip toward life?

Coaching countless basketball games through the years, many times I have urged my charges to snatch victory when presented. When momentum wears your uniform and the opposition is exposed and discouraged; then is the time to intensify effort—perhaps a knock-out blow is possible.

Roe v. Wade has been on the books for many years. That’s enough time to snuff the lives of millions. We’ve been winning battles lately in many states. Restrictive measures have been placed on their barbarism. We are told more and more young people are coming to our side. All of this is good.

But back to my basketball metaphor, now is the time for our full-court press. And it must be a team effort. Have you posted the videos on Facebook? Have you tweeted? Have you picketed a clinic? Have you written letters to our politicians demanding a full investigation of Planned Parenthood? Have you insisted they be stripped of their taxpayer dollars? How much have you prayed? Have you fasted? Have you done anything?

And if I may be so bold, perhaps it is time for you to use the mistake you made years ago. You’ve cried for forgiveness and you have received it. God forgives sinners such as you and me. But maybe it’s time to use your unique platform? Do you have a story to tell? A pregnant mom may need to hear it. Your regret may be used to stop hers.

We are busy. We are tired. All of us are. But go put some overalls on anyway and get to work. The opportunity before us is too great. Make some noise. Beseech the heavens and shake the earth. Let’s bury Planned Parenthood. They’ve buried too many of ours.

Pastor Rich Hamlin

August 20, 2015  

Click here to the see the latest (the 7th) video exposing Planned Parenthood’s custom abortions

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