Evil is Ugly

If you haven’t seen the Planned Parenthood video yet, you need to. It’s embedded below. It’s the video that came out this week where one of their national directors unwittingly on camera admits to their practice of selling aborted baby parts (head, heart, lungs, liver, etc.). They’ve been a “chop shop” for years. We knew they were making money at the front-end killing babies but we didn’t know they were making it at the back-end selling their parts. They got caught admitting they are; to the tune of $30 to $100 per body part “harvested.”

But why should this surprise us? Once you get to a place where you “crush” (Planned Parenthood’s own word on the video) babies thousands of times every day, is there any humanity left? What gruesome act won’t you do?

Therefore, people are aghast at the cold and brazen demeanor of Planned Parenthood as they discuss their protocols and profits selling baby body parts to traffickers. If this bumps more to our “Pro-Life” side, we’ll take the new converts. But, if I may, what’s the difference between selling a baby’s heart, lung, and liver verses throwing them all into the dumpster? In other words, the most grievous sin is murder and that should be enough for any moral being to decry the practice.

Sadly, I can see it already. Some heads may roll at Planned Parenthood for being duped into a taped lunch and interview. Some new procedures vetting those who want to meet with high-ups will be put into place. They probably will have some in-house training on “what to say” and “how to say it” because they’ve been reminded everyone is not as callous as they are slaughtering children.

At the end of the day, however, will they just go back to business as usual? Being the “chop shop” they are, and smugly making their millions?

I hope this is not a little snafu; a little speedbump for a multi-million dollar business that wants everyone to think there just interested in women’s health. The captured video pulled the curtain back for a moment to see the kind of organization Planned Parenthood really is—a baby killing mill chasing every dollar they can—so brazen they even sell the remains. Let everyone see it and be appalled.

Lest we forget, they still get millions of our taxpayer dollars. When will that stop? When we stop sending politicians (virtually every Democrat) who already are rushing to the microphones telling us there is nothing to see here. O, there’s plenty to see. Evil is really ugly.

Pastor Rich Hamlin

July 16, 2015    

“Amending the Soil” Christian Education Conference

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