An Open Letter to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson

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Dear Bob,

You’ve been confusing me for years. So much so, I went to the State of Washington’s website to see what your job description is supposed to be. I say “supposed to be” because I was suspect whether you are following it. And my hunch was correct. You aren’t. Here is what our state says your job entails. You have nine areas of responsibility: Uphold the Consumer Protection Act, propose legislation, identify theft, keep sexually violent predators off the street, represent the state in court, investigate and prosecute persons accused of crimes, advise elected officials concerning legal issues, provide legal opinions for elected officials, and represent the public interest regarding public utilities.

What I couldn’t find, Bob, is what you have been doing the past several years. In fact, on the same state website there is a page entitled “About Bob Ferguson”. The most room on the page is taken up by the section, “As Attorney General, Bob Ferguson has:” There you highlight what you consider to be your seven most notable accomplishments. And in doing so you proved my point. You are a grandstanding political operative for the Left.

I say “grandstanding” because you love to be in the public’s eye. I say “political operative” because politics not the Law drives you. And I say “Left” because you lean so far that way, you’re incapable of standing upright.

Case in point, the first accomplishment you list is blocking President Trump’s first executive order. In fact, during his four-year term you filed 99 lawsuits against Orange Man, averaging two cases against him every month. In Biden’s year-and-half I don’t believe you have filed one against him. You’re so brazen you don’t bother to hide your bias. You are all about the Left’s agenda. You’re an activist, Bob. That’s not your job.

Your second most notable accomplishment, you say is your crushing of an elderly florist from Richland. Her crimes so egregious, you proclaim you personally argued the case before the State Supreme Court. This wicked widow refused to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding. Protect us, Bob. Please protect us. And you did. You put her out of business. All Washingtonians sleep better.

But you’ve been pretty quiet as of late. Haven’t seen your mug on the front page for a while. That’s not good for someone waiting for Inslee to leave his throne. (BTW, will he ever? And when will he rescind his emergency powers declaration that is closing in on 1,000 days? But I digress. Sorry. Probably a future blog).

Back to you, Bob. You appear to have rediscovered your Ju-Ju, for this past week you were back on the frontpage. Standing up for the legal rights of Washingtonians? Crime, violence, homelessness, drugs on the street; there are lots of matters your job description says you are responsible to address. But is that what you’re doing? Are you kidding? Now that Roe v. Wade has been given the heave-ho, individual states are left to handle the matter as they see fit. And our good neighbor to the east, Idaho, believes that killing babies is murder. Go figure. So, what do you do, Bob? You run to the cameras and announce you are taking them to court. Didn’t know you are responsible for what goes on in the Potato State.

You are arguing that Idahoan’s will cross state lines to shed their baby’s blood. Well, you don’t put it that way. Your language is that they come for the needed medical attention they no longer have back home. Apparently, it will be a crime to suction, pierce, and bludgeon a baby in the womb in their native state. So, to receive that “care” they need to cross state lines to our more just state. I would think you wouldn’t mind this. Afterall, you and Jay are responsible for the greatest exodus there has ever been from our state to theirs. Thought you might want something reciprocal. Getting some of those lost dollars back? Guess not.

Anyway, Bob. Just wanted to let you know that some of us are on to you. I know that probably doesn’t frighten you politically. But as a pastor, I’m giving you a heads-up. God has always been on to you. You being a grandstanding political operative of the Left may not be heinous. But anytime you venture into matters of morality and kick against God, believe me, He notices.

Repentance and Jesus are your only hope. I’d welcome a time to sit down with you and discuss. Your eternity may depend upon it.


Pastor Rich Hamlin
August 25, 2022

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