From My Foxhole

The homosexual machine is well-funded and relentless. Washington DC and Hollywood are allies. Academia and culture are, as well. It is important, however, to oppose the “machine”—to lovingly assert truth. We do so for the honor of God and for the good of those deceived.

Last Sunday (August 7), the News Tribune ran what will no-doubt be a long line of continuous articles pushing for same-sex marriage. How should the church communicate our opposition? If you are a regular reader of our blog, you will recognize my attempt in a letter written to the editor on August 10. Within an hour of its posting, the responses began coming in—almost exclusively against my position.

I want those pushing for same-sex marriage to know they don’t have the authority to redefine marriage—which is God’s word. As such, He has clearly defined it between a man and a woman. In addition, I want it known why God set the parameters He did; doing so because through marriage, God communicates His bridegroom/bride and husband/wife relationship He has with His people and church. Because this is so, any other combination other than a man and woman communicates a lie.

So instead of staying safe in my foxhole; I decided to stick my head out. It’s getting shot at. That’s OK. Follow the link below and note their tact and reasoning. May it be helpful for us in our proclamation of God’s Word and Gospel—and our desire to engage our neighbors and world for the cause of Christ.

Letters to the Editor, The News Tribune, “MARRIAGE: Gay marriage is an oxymoron

Pastor Rich Hamlin
August 11, 2011



  1. I didnt realize that was in the paper. good for you.
    I notice how negative comments always go off topic or attack instead of civil discourse and similar biblical conversations.
    I like the one that says you are gay. Jeez. 🙁

  2. Also, another huge thing I have noticed with the gay activists group. they base their ‘activity’ on civil rights. Their foundation is civil/equal right [if not special rights]. Christians base their ‘activity’ [for lack of a better word] on sin. So when we try to have a conversation with the pro-gay group we fall short. They do not see their gay-ness as a sin, it’s a right to them. Sadly, only God can change their hearts and minds and arguing with them just gives me a tension headache.

  3. Reading the comments made it clear. We are to state the truth as Rich has done and then move straight into the gospel. There is a hope and a peace for those who repent (change their mind) and believe (change their action). We can follow twisted paths all day and only get further from home. God will convict whom he will, our mission is the proclamation of the gospel.

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