Free Kill Pill

The Obama Administration announced this week that the nation’s health insurers have to start covering birth control as part of women’s preventative care. What that means, among other things, is no more co-pays for contraception. I didn’t know pregnancy was a disease. That’s how it’s being treated, however. Contraception is preventative healthcare for this crowd; and is the reason they believe birth control pills should be free.

There’s another pill that’s about to become free under President Obama’s health care law. This free pill doesn’t prevent pregnancy, it terminates it. The RU486 or “morning after pill” won’t have any co-pays starting in January, 2013, either. Have sex last night and fear a child was conceived? No problem; pop the free pill from your insurance company and the child dies and the mother will bleed him or her out. Sorry for the graphic language. I’m mad.

I don’t know what an “old-fashioned” abortion costs these days at the local Planned Parenthood. Is there even a co-pay? I do know our government gives Planned Parenthood nearly 400 million dollars a year to provide “woman’s healthcare”—code words for abortion. A portion of that 400 million comes from our taxes. Does that make you and me an accomplice? But this latest move by our abortion-friendly administration just made terminating the life of a child easier—even free! And my premiums and yours pay for the atrocity.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius crowed: “These historic guidelines are based on science and existing literature and will help ensure women get the preventative health benefits they need” (U.S. Dept. HHS, News Release, Aug. 1, 2011). Health benefits they need? A child dies. That’s a benefit?

An enthused Linda Rosenstock, Dean of Public Health at the University of California said “prevention of unintended pregnancies is essential for the psychological, emotional, and physical health of women” (Northwest Cable News, Auguest 1, 2011) O, I get it. The baby gives up his life so mommy can be happy.

Its amazing abortion is a right in this country. It’s even more amazing it’s about to become free.

Pastor Rich Hamlin
August 4, 2011



  1. The appointment of Kathleen Sebelius was made by President Obama in 2009. Her nomination was opposed by U.S. Senator Bob Dole and Senator Pat Roberts because of her abortion rights stand which she had before she was the Governor of Kansas. This is a good argument for those who say, “voting for President really doesn’t matter.” It does. That city or state official that you vote for may some day be an appointment by a President that holds a completely different worldview from you (she served as the Insurance Commissioner of Kansas before being elected Governor of Kansas). One issue voting matters—ask the pro-life people in Kansas.

  2. Anyone who claims the name of Christ, who calls themselves a Christian, should not tolerate abortion in any form in our society. And RU 486 is the ultimate stealth missile against an unborn human being, made in the image of God. The news announcing the free pill does not comment on how it kills BABIES or how it has also killed a few mothers since it has been introduced in America.

    If there is anything that we as Christians should agree on is an opposition to abortion. We must never support any politician or public figure or political party that thinks that abortion is a right or an option. Even women’s rights should not support killing future women to support its cause. We need to educate ourselves about the human history of abortion.

    I wrote a journal article that is a good review of abortion throughout history that was published in the August 1998 issue of the Western Reformed Seminary Journal that is available on the web site of the seminary:

    The specific address is as follows:

    Our pastor is courageous enough to stand against abortion. There are many pastors who have not stood against abortion and many more people who claim the name of Christ who do not stand against abortion.

  3. I did a search on Google for pro-life Tacoma, and your blog about the Free Kill Pill came up in the search. Thank you SO much for speaking out on this subject, Pastor.

    I was wondering if your Church has any involvement in a pro-life ministry at abortion clinics? I would love to be able to reach out to plead with moms to not kill their babies AND share the gospel of Jesus Christ, but I cannot find any local (Tacoma) ministries that do this. I do know of one, but it teams up with non-Christians (namely Catholics) in the effort, and based on the importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ – which is supreme in ALL things – I cannot set aside the importance of the Biblical gospel and become unequally yoked in such a partnering, even for the sake of precious little babies.

    I currently attend a Reformed Baptist Church in Enumclaw, but since I live in Tacoma and most of the members live in Enumclaw, I have not approached anyone at our Church about such a ministry (also, I would prefer to join a ministry that is already reaching out…if possible). There is a small group of Christians from several Churches that shares the gospel of Jesus Christ at the Kent Transit Center in Kent on Wednesday evenings, and I’m blessed to be able to join them (their blog is I am truly burdened, though, to also reach out at abortion clinics in Tacoma, to plead for babies’ lives and to share the gospel of Christ.

    If your Church has such a ministry, or if you know of a Christian ministry that reaches out at abortion clinics – that believes that including the Biblical gospel as an essential for such an outreach – could you *please* let me know? I would truly appreciate it, Pastor Hamlin.

    While I have been unable to go to an abortion clinic as of yet (since I don’t have anyone to go with, and it is unwise to go alone), I do pray that the Lord will raise up Christians that will respond to this terrible sin that is taking place in the shadow of our Churches. A side note: when I went to do some “reconnaissance work” to see what an outreach would look like at an abortion clinic, I noticed that the two abortion clinics that are just a few blocks from each other are surrounded by Churches, and a police station. I wanted to run into the police station and yell “babies are being murdered across the street!” :’o( But alas, that wouldn’t do much…and should it not be the Church sounding the cry? I can’t help but think about how we look back on Christians that lived in Nazi Germany, who did nothing when Jews, handicapped, mentally retarded, political dissidents, etc. were being led to the slaughter in their neighborhoods…may God have mercy on us, and cause us to lean upon Him for His strength to “deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter” (Prov. 24:11).

    I thank you for your article about the terrible and tragic legislation that just passed to make murdering babies even easier. Oh what a sinful world we are immersed in! There is certainly NO hope for anyone apart from the Lord Jesus Christ. May He be pleased to draw men unto Himself in Tacoma.

    in His care,
    Elly McCall

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