A Raven Writes

The following is chapter 9 in the children’s series, If They Could Talk, the story of our redemption as if unfolds from Genesis to Revelation. This is the story of Joshua as found in Joshua 1-6.

My Friends,

How do you replace a man who talked with God? You replace him with another man who did the same. His name was Joshua.

A generation ago Israel peered into the land of promise but was rejected an entrance when fear was greater than faith. A forty year walk was their steep price; now Joshua and the children of those brought out of Egypt stood ready to claim their promised home.

Many peoples and cities stood strong and tall not caring God gave this land to Abraham’s seed so long ago. How would this refugee nation unseat peoples and kingdoms fortified by walls and brazen with shield and spear?

God told Joshua success was theirs as long as the Book of the Law was adhered. Obedience would bring victory; waiver would bring defeat. This the people knew. With this knowledge God split the River Jordan and the Hebrews marched to holy war.

Jericho would serve as a test; an intimidating and formidable foe—her walls thick and high. From the sky I saw no weakness for breach. How could Israel take a city they couldn’t even enter?

I know Joshua talked with God. But was that enough?

Morning came, and the war host assembled. Flying above, I was astounded at what I saw. Soldiers in marching lines led by seven priests with seven trumpets; the ark containing the holy words were carried behind them.

It was a grand display, but it resembled a parade, not a platoon ready for war. Marching toward Jericho but not speaking a word; their morning silence interrupted only by their trumpet blast. The city circled, Israel returned to her camp.

Each day the ritual the same; a week would pass. What war strategy was this? Walk silent around the city and return to camp? How would marching sandals and blowing trumpets bring a fortress down?

Day seven began as the previous six. Perched on the wall, Jericho jeered Israel’s strange routine. But on this seventh morn they did not stop with one. They circled six times more, trumpets blowing as Israel marched.

Then there was a pause and the quiet was loud. Jericho’s mouths went silent, too; what were Israel’s soldiers going to do? No one would have guessed such a strategy for with one voice they yelled. There was no charge, there was no siege—just mouths and trumpets.

From the sky I watched in awe as Jericho’s walls shook and swayed  then crumbled as if clay. The city exposed, Israel rushed and took her first victory.

God was serious. The battle was His. And He had given the Promised Land to His people. You keep it with obedience. Will you?


The Raven

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