A Gaggling Goose

The following is chapter 10 in the children’s series, If They Could Talk, the story of our redemption as it unfolds from Genesis to Revelation. This is the story of Samson as found in Judges 13-16.

My Friends,

The army of Israel took the Promised Land. But it did not take long to break covenant with God. They had their land, but they had little interest in following His will and ways. Soon, each man did what was right in his own eyes. Trouble ensued. God sent help. They were called the judges and Samson was one of them.

Your kind has never been so strong. Though one, he had the strength of one hundred. And though called by God to lead and rule, this strongman was often in places he should not have been. His was a colorful life; sadly his would be a tragic death.

The Philistines were a wicked sort; they a Canaanite residual and source of constant duress. But Samson’s brawn prevented many a Philistine advance. Scourge to the Philistine, savior to the Jew; Samson stood as visual of God’s mighty right hand and rule.

On the prowl for the secret of his strength, Philistine rabble pledged purses of silver to a woman of deceit. Delilah was the name, and through pestering and guile, she gained her lover’s secret.

Set apart since birth, no razor had touched his locks. His flowing hair hung as devotion, and God showed His presence through Samson’s great strength. Upon Delilah’s lap asleep, Samson was sheered. His hair fell and so did his great might. The proud warrior, shorn like a sheep and eyes dug out; was chained and charged to grind grain like an ox.

Celebrations were declared for Samson was caught. He, their blind trophy, would grieve them no more; so they thought. But God the Creator would not be mocked, and though you forget Him, He never forgets you.

As your strongman’s hair grew; so did his faith and so did his strength. A great surprise awaited the pagan people of Philistine.

They called for another party for Dagon; their deity of stone—thanking carved rock for Samson’s demise. Brought forth to mock and make sport, they partied and laughed at the man who once brought them fear.

With repentant lips for strength of old; power from on high pumped into arms and legs, chest and shoulders again. Pagan pomp and blasphemy was about to come crashing down. Right arm to pillar and left to the same; with elephant strength and rhino force—the pillars leaned and the palace shook. Philistine rulers and Philistine rich; mockers of God and worshipers of stone—died in the heap of rubble and rock.

Sadly, Samson perished too.

There were other judges; offering 300 years of protection and relief. Despite their shortcomings, God chose to work through them for your good.

We animals see the love God the Creator has for you. Why is it so difficult for you to see?


The Goose