Journal of a Jackal

The following is chapter 8 in the children’s series, If They Could Talk; the story of our redemption as it unfolds from Genesis to Revelation. This is the story of Moses as found in Exodus 1-40.

My Friends,

The family would multiply in a foreign land; generations stacked upon generations. Jacob’s sons had many sons, who in turn had many sons—they were called the children of Israel; they were called the Hebrews.

I saw them for years firsthand. It is not everyday man enters my desert; let alone great numbers of them. They were an odd assortment, this group—ill prepared for the desert’s extremes; all of them, that is, but for one. His name was Moses. But let me back up a bit.

Many a year and many a pharaoh had come and gone since Joseph left the earth. With Joseph’s name and honor long buried, resentment grew in Egypt’s heart as the children of Israel multiplied in the land. Resentment spawned hatred and slavery soon hung from each Hebrew’s neck.

Oppression turned to slaughter when Pharaoh’s edict declared, “Kill the male children—spare not one.” There would be one, however; for Moses was hidden at birth and reared in palace discreet—even Pharaoh didn’t know—that is until that day. Now a young man, when in defense of one of his own, Moses stood up to injustice and stole life from the oppressive Egyptian captor. Moses was forced to flee, and the desert became his home.

Years would pass. In the midst of their despair, God’s people remembered their Creator once again. God saw His people’s pain and from a bush that burned charged exiled Moses to bring them out from their distress.

Through power and plague, chains were broken, and a reluctant Pharaoh relinquished his grip and the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were free. This is where I met the Hebrews, as they spilled into my arid land. I followed them for a time, and I must say—they were a confusing lot.

Despite the witness of the Deliverer God’s power, they were a continual grumble—despite water from the rock, flocks of foul for food, and bread from heaven. And God’s guidance, too; a cloud by day and fire by night yet mumble and mistrust was never far from lip and heart. I’ve been known to bark at the moon, but even I grew weary of their tiresome complaint.

And then a new chapter in God’s great plan and love. Three months into their desert march He gave them a gift—it was His will; it was His Word. Written in stone and given to Moses, tablets scribed by the finger of God—Ten Commandments and accompanying words of instruction and hope.

A promise of a land flowing with milk and honey pledged for obedience. How this God must love you. You turned from Him in the Garden; yet He gives you directions for a restored relationship—how to please Him. This given despite murmur and complaint after rescue from slavery, provision in the desert, and promising to take you over the river and into His Promised Land.

Through specific instructions in law and decree, the Creator God tells you how to please and follow. Will you be obedient this time?

The Jackal

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