Voting Mormon?

I have been reading up on Mormonism lately. Given that one of their members is running for president, I wanted to be able to support and articulate my “Mormonism is a cult” claim—a position I have held for years. I’m even more entrenched today; despite the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association recently removing a page from their website listing Mormonism as a cult. Would they have done so if Mr. Graham wasn’t endorsing Mitt Romney for president?

Mormonism believes God was once a man like us; and one day we will be a God like Him. They believe God and His wife had millions of spirit-children; Jesus being their eldest. They believe Jesus and Lucifer were brothers. They believe God and Mary had sexual intercourse. They believe man is saved by his works. They believe the Garden of Eden was located in Jackson County, Missouri (I’m not kidding). They believe the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price are authoritative and inspired Scripture. They believe the church became apostate when the last apostle died in the first century and the church was not restored to orthodoxy until their prophet Joseph Smith did so in 1830; when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints became the only true church. If these doctrines don’t make you a cult, what does?

Nevertheless, I am voting for Mitt Romney; one who believes all this heresy. Why do such a thing? Because he is against the killing of babies, he is against same-sex marriage, and he is against big government solutions; whereas the other guy is enthusiastically for all three. And not that President Obama is any bastion of orthodoxy; his church of 20 years is probably the nation’s most liberal and a loud peddler of another heresy—Black Liberation Theology.

I was glad when Romney stumbled in 2008, bowing out of the race for president. I did not want to see him win the Republican nomination in 2012. But he did. My problem with him hasn’t been policy, it’s his faith. That is still my problem with him. If you think that makes me a religious bigot, so be it; I think it makes me a discerning Christian. Too many people already associate Mormonism with Christianity; I don’t want Joseph Smith’s fanciful concoction of religion to gain an ounce of legitimacy with one of their men in the oval office.

But I am still voting for Romney. He governs with my values and sees the role of government the way I believe it is to be seen. I believe another four years with the current bunch in the White House would be disastrous. The mounting deficits they are responsible for is absolutely ridiculous. It frustrates me to no end they freely charge today what they know they will never be able to pay; fully intending to simply pass the bill to our children.

So I want a competent president to govern the civil realm. And it will be the job of a competent clergy to make sure everyone knows the competent president in the White House isn’t a Christian, he’s a Mormon.

Pastor Rich Hamlin

November 1, 2012



  1. Good job! I agree. And God lives on a planet 1000 light years away which is why a day with the Lord is like a 1000 years! How can a person believe all this and be regarded as normal? Never thought I’d be praying for a Mormon president but I have.

  2. Thank you for writing this. I get pummeled at times for supporting Romney, but I believe Mr. Obama has taken us on a dangerous path.

  3. I agree pastor. This administration has challenged our constitution and faith and way of life. Obama has apologizes for America, that brought hope and new beginning for many immigrant such as myself. We are electing a president for the secular world not hiring a pastor, Sheppard of the flock to lead folks to the truth and to Jesus our savior. This great nation and all whom fought to defend the precious freedom has been taken apart brick by brick. God is still in control his will be done on earth as it is in heaven

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