The Issue Behind the Agenda

The culture war is not an onion. Peel away the layers of an onion and you still get onion. Peel away the layers from people and organizations warring against God’s law and biblical norms; you discover deeper issues—that is, lying beneath their agenda is something else propping it up. The pro-homosexual crowd exemplifies.

Last fall, the Smithsonian’s “National Portrait Gallery” opened the exhibit “Hide/Seek.” The exhibit contained 95 works (photographs, paintings, videos, prints, and watercolors) from mostly gay and lesbian artists focusing on gay and lesbian themes. One work, David Wojnarowicz’s “Fire in My Belly” drew the most attention and complaint. It was a video of ants crawling all over a plastic crucifix. The New York Times said “Fire in My Belly” was eventually pulled from the exhibit because of “attacks from Republicans and religious conservatives” (March 11, 2011). The Times went on to say that this prompted “accusations of censorship and moving dozens of museums across the country to display the video and other works by the artist, David Wojnarowicz, in protest.”

Enter Brooklyn and Tacoma. Though the exhibit was not designed or intended to travel (it ended its run at the Smithsonian last month), the Brooklyn Museum and the Tacoma Art Museum made successful pitches and are bringing the exhibit to their respective museums—it is scheduled for Tacoma early next year.

When asked if the Wojnarowicz video would be included, Tacoma’s curator (Rock Hushka) said: “We are very keen on making sure that we represent the National Portrait Gallery’s presentation as fully as possible.” Translated, that means, “You bet; we can’t wait to mock Jesus.”

Rosemary Ponnekanti, who writes for The News Tribune, said Rock Hushka’s “own artistic work also touches on gay/lesbian issues” (March 14 blog). No surprise that Hushka is really motivated to bring the exhibit here. When asked how the Tacoma Art Museum could prepare so quickly to host “Hide/Seek,” Hushka said: “I would move heaven and earth to make this happen.”

He doesn’t know what he just revealed. The proponents of a sin clearly described as such in Scripture believe they can “move heaven and earth”; believing so because they are their own authority which is tantamount to being their own deity.

Realized or not, there is something more sinister behind the pro-homosexual movement. It is not about tolerance or acceptance; it is not about civil rights, either—as they would like us to believe. One just has to listen more closely to what they say. When you do, you will discover the real issue; the issue behind their agenda. At first, it may just look like ants on plastic; but a closer look reveals their real issue is with the One on the cross.

Pastor Rich Hamlin
June 9, 2011

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  1. I’m coming to realize more and more as I get into this arena that the pro homosexual people want acceptance, but really who do they want acceptance from? the world? the media? the Christian right?
    And do they want acceptance or special rights?
    What they really want is acceptance from the Almighty and when they don’t get it, they rage.
    They don’t want acceptance, they want special rights. Knowing that they aren’t accepted they flaunt their uniqueness until people give in.
    What they don’t understand is God doesn’t give in to anyone or change his moral code for any special group.
    God is God and they test Him.

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