Praying or Kegeling?

It is said the average American spends five years of his life waiting in line. To give some perspective, those same studies say we spend six years eating and seven years in the bathroom. Does the phrase “wasting your life” come to mind? In our productive-driven society, I found an article by Cherri Megasko entitled: “Eight Ways to Be Productive While Standing in Line.” The article suggested such things as making a grocery list, knitting, cleaning out your purse, exercising with hand grippers, and doing some “Kegel exercises.” If you don’t know, “kegeling” can help prevent and treat incontinence; just saying. And from a New York Times article I learned that a guy from M.I.T. named Richard Larson is widely considered to be the world’s foremost expert on lines—I guess someone has to be.

I am no Richard Larson, nor am I qualified to write an article such as the one by Cherri Megasko. But I would like to remind my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ of a biblical truth, ask them a question, and then offer a suggestion.

The biblical truth is that through the years, God often has His people wait. Abraham and Sarah had to wait 20 years for their promised son to be born. Jacob had to wait 20 years before returning to Canaan after leaving to look for a wife. Joseph had to wait 20 years before seeing his family again. The nation of Israel spent 400 years waiting in bondage and then another 40 years waiting in the wilderness before they could cross the Jordan. Israel spent 70 years waiting in exile before returning to Palestine. And when the Old Testament ends with Malachi, Israel must wait 400 years before God speaks to them again. There is a lot of waiting in the Bible.

Here is the question; if there is so much waiting in Scripture, why are we surprised when we are asked to? I’m not talking about the drive-through at McDonald’s or the grocery line at WinCo. I’m talking about the young person waiting to meet Mr. Right or Mrs. Right to marry; I’m talking about the young couple waiting to get pregnant; I’m talking about waiting to find that next job after being laid off; I’m talking about lying in bed waiting to be healed; I’m talking about waiting for a door to open to help us to know which way God would have us go; and so on. God had His children wait then; why wouldn’t He have them do so now?

And lastly, I offer a suggestion. The next time we find ourselves waiting upon God—thank Him for the opportunity to do so. For the line you are standing in is similar to the one saint’s before you have stood; and the fruit of their wait was more faith in the God Who opens and closes doors at His most perfect timing. Waiting, you see, strengthens faith; especially when accompanied by prayer. And if I may, praying is always better than “kegeling.”

Pastor Rich Hamlin

January 3, 2013


  1. Thank you for this reminder on waiting and how God uses it to strengthen faith while we pray & wait on God’s direction. I am encouraged by your post.

  2. Amen! And thanks for the good counsel. May we by God’s grace may better use of our time in 2013.

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