Fungus or Fetus?

The hubbub this week has been the discovery of water on Mars. What is interesting about the find is the pronouncement that followed: life may exist on our neighboring planet. But listen and read carefully what constitutes life. From the reports I am reading no one is saying this means there are little green men in flying saucers. Their definition of life on planet Mars means there may “living microbes” there; or as one put it—“microbial Martians”. In other words, there’s life on Mars if they discover a microbe. Do you know what a microbe is? Science defines it as a single-cell organism so tiny that millions can fit into the eye of a needle. At I learned “there are more of them on a person’s hand than there are people on the entire planet.”

Back to earth, do you know what a zygote is? Biology 101 may have been a long time ago for some but a zygote is the cell produced when an ovum meets a spermatozoon. It’s what happens at conception. It is the union of a woman’s egg with a man’s sperm. That single cell has all that it needs for a baby to be born nine months later.

The microbe grows up and becomes a simple organism of bacteria or fungi yet it enjoys the label “life” on Mars. The zygote grows up and becomes a complex baby yet by pro-aborts it is labeled “tissue” on earth—tissue to be discarded in a dumpster or parted-out and sold so Planned Parenthood can make even more money than it already does.

You want some more irony? NASA is slobbering at the opportunity to investigate their water discovery. This is understandable. But they’re not going to send any of our Mars rovers to do this. Why? Quoting from the September 29 New York Times, “NASA worries that they might be carrying microbial hitchhikers from Earth that could contaminate Mars.” They want Mars’ microbes to have all the protection they need to grow and thrive and they are going to go to great lengths to assure that they do.

That’s certainly not the case on earth where many are doing all they can to assure that babies won’t grow and thrive. Sadly, a mother’s womb has become a very dangerous place. The abortion rate in some major cities is nearly 50% of all pregnancies; in New York City and Washington D.C. it is over fifty-percent.

Tragically, it appears fungus on Mars is going to receive more protection then a fetus does here. There are many ways to illustrate man’s depravity on earth. The discovery of water on Mars has provided another; for many there’s life on Mars but not in the womb.

Pastor Rich Hamlin

October 1, 2015


  1. Excellent post Pastor Rich…I shared it on Facebook. Thank you for standing up both in the pulpit and in the public…for life here on earth, at it’s conception and every stage thereafter. Soil Deo Gloria

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It is good have the argument articulated in a logical way. Especially when the scientific world refuses to be inconsistent with their world view.
    This will help me. I have had a discussion about abortion with a man I work with……at the time all I could say was that it was murder. And kept saying it.It is the simple truth of it, also to my eldest daughter it was all I could say…….I felt it was the best argument I could provide at the time and I did not feel the need to back down or use a lot of words because abortion breaks the law of God.
    I remained standing even as the angry blasts went past me which I received from both individuals was intense. I did not fear. Because I am stating the truth. Thank you

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