About That Religious Exemption

August 12, 2021

On April 25, 2020, six weeks into ceasing Sunday morning worship at the directive of our governor, I preached a sermon entitled, “Who Says We Can’t Meet During the Virus?” It was an exposition of Romans 13:1-7. In it we spoke of “sphere sovereignty,” the teaching from Scripture that God has ordained three major “governments”—the […]

Living in Mushy Middleville

October 8, 2020

Christian lived in Mushy Middleville. He liked his life. It was easy to like. For the most part, people left him alone. Not to be mean, but they left him alone because they didn’t notice him. He was nondescript because that’s the way he lived life. If life was a golf game, he was middle […]

“Amending the Soil” Christian Education Conference

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