Rocks, Rapids, and Waterfalls

October 14, 2022

Who likes crisis? I have met a few through the years. But not many. I suspect most would choose a lazy river to a raging current. Blue sky and 75 degrees, feet dangling from an innertube, floating down a peaceful river sounds good. Being on a river with rocks, rapids, and an occasional water fall, […]

We’d Choose the Sunny Side

February 18, 2022

Samuel Rutherford would have been a great pen pal. The 17th century Scottish pastor did his best work, like John Bunyan, with pen in hand while imprisoned for the gospel. His opponents tried to silence him. What they ended up doing was extending his ministry reach centuries through his letters. Spurgeon gave them the highest […]

A Low Whisper in Loud Times

August 20, 2020

Church Family, In 1 Kings 19, Elijah was ready to “tap out”. He was weary, tired of knocking heads with the king and frustrated with the unresponsive populace. God was of little concern in the palace and of little concern of the people. Heaven was sounding pretty good to the prophet right about then. But […]

“Amending the Soil” Christian Education Conference

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