A Low Whisper in Loud Times

Church Family,

In 1 Kings 19, Elijah was ready to “tap out”. He was weary, tired of knocking heads with the king and frustrated with the unresponsive populace. God was of little concern in the palace and of little concern of the people. Heaven was sounding pretty good to the prophet right about then. But God had more work for him to do, besides, informs God, Elijah wasn’t alone; there were 7,000 others in the land who hadn’t “bowed to Baal”.

Differences of opinion abound. We live in angry times. It has become more difficult to be amongst likeminded. This is true in the world; this has even become true in the church. As such, discouragement and depression knock at the door.

Before the encounter mentioned above, God reminded Elijah of something he had forgotten. Told to stand outside the cave he was hiding in, God passes by his prophet in the form of a devastating wind that smashes apart rocks. This is followed up by an earthquake and then a fire. Yet God chose not to reveal himself in any of these obvious signs. Instead, God speaks to Elijah in a low whisper. It is the lesson, Elijah, succumbing to self-pity, needed to be reminded of. Divine silence does not mean divine inactivity.

No one but God saw the last five months coming. He did because it is a page of the script He wrote before the world began.

We need not be depressed. We need not feel alone. And we certainly must not think God is napping and that while He snoozes the world is going to hell.

Gird up, brothers and sisters. God is moving and working. He is revealing things about our faith, our churches, and our world.

Listen for his low whisper.

God’s Peace,
Pastor Rich

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