Historical Highlights 1600AD-1700AD

July 17, 2010

1600: Confessional “box” becomes common in Roman churches 1605: Christmas trees are first mentioned (Strasburg) 1607: John Smith founds first English colony at Jamestown, Virginia 1609: Anglican preacher turned Separatist, John Smyth baptizes the first “Baptists,” they were influenced by the Anabaptist movement 1611: Publication of the King James Bible (Authorized Version), prepared by 54 […]

Historical Highlights 1700AD-1800AD

1700: By this time, Latin is used only in academic settings and in Roman Catholic documents and liturgy; Reformed churches use vernacular liturgy 1701: Yale is founded by conservative Congregationalists (Cotton Mather) 1703: John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards are born 1707: Charles Wesley born; Isaac Watts publishes Hymns and Spiritual Songs, included in it are […]

Historical Highlights 1800AD-1899AD

1801: Second Great Awakening begins at Cane Ridge Revival 1804: Barton Stone and several of his followers break all denominational ties and begin calling themselves merely “Christian—beginning of the “Restoration Movement” 1807: British Parliament votes to abolish slave trade due in large part to William Wilberforce 1809: Restoration Movement (Primitivism)—it takes a prominent place in […]

Historical Highlights 1900AD-2000AD

1901: Pentecostal movement emerges, largely an offspring of the Holiness Movement, focuses on “Spirit baptism” (post-conversion) and speaking in tongues 1906: William Seymour leads the Azusa Street Revival, early instants of Pentecostalism 1909: Scofield Reference Bible, a KJV bible with dispensational interpretation notes 1910: The Fundamentals are published, 12 volume series, mostly apologetic in nature […]

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