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A Praying Parent

A Partial Prayer List for Parents as They Pray for Their Child Referenced in Pastor Rich’s sermon, A City on a Hill–Again Deuteronomy 4:1-14, February 19, 2017 This prayer list is taken from the book, Equipping God’s People for Kingdom Praying pray that your child: . . . will know Jesus early in life (Proverbs 22:6,…

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Considering Joel

“Have you considered my servant Joel?” “You mean Job? We had that conversation a long time ago, God. You even put that encounter in your Book—all 42 chapters worth.” Satan continued, “Besides, I don’t need to consider him anymore. He’s long dead.” “No, I said Joel. He’s my servant, too.” “I know who he is.…

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Our Butt in the Pew

As parents, there are times we must discipline our children. The Scriptures speak to this often, especially in the Proverbs (Prov. 13:24, 22:15, 23:13-14, 29:15, and 29:17). Undisciplined children don’t bring much joy to anyone and will find it difficult to navigate life even when older. A faithful parent disciplines directly. That is, he uses…

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A Camel’s Comments

The following is chapter 4 in the children’s series, “If They Could Talk”; the story of our redemption as it unfolds from Genesis to Revelation. This is the story of Abraham as found in Genesis 12-17. My Friends, Many a desert mile I travelled; most, at my master’s side. He is a good man, my…

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A Rabbit Remembers

My friends, Some things are not meant for eyes to see. But I saw it, and everything changed. I was growing quite fond of my Garden rabbit routine. Awake with the sun, drink from the brook, dine in the greens; this truly was Paradise. All was new, all was fresh, all was good; and greatest…

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