November 19, 2023 Bulletin

By grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone

Order of Worship

Preparation for Worship

Prelude and Silent Prayer


Introit ~ “Not Unto Us, O Lord”


* Hymn #363 ~ “We Gather Together”


Welcome and Announcements


Adoration of God

Call to Worship: Psalm 97:10-12


* Hymn ~ “Magnificent, Marvelous, Matchless Love”


Confession of Sin

* Reading of the Law: Colossians 3:12-17


Assurance of Pardon


* Hymn #116 ~ “For the Beauty of the Earth”


Means of Grace

Sacrament of Baptism


Pastoral Prayer and Lord’s Prayer


Old Testament Reading: Psalm 70:1-5


New Testament Reading: Romans 3:9-20


Sermon: “Delivered” (Psalm 140:1-13)


Hymn ~ “My Heart Is Filled with Thankfulness”




Response and Blessing

* Doxology to the tune of “For All the Saints” #358


Praise ye the Lord, His mighty works acclaim:

His years are endless, yet is He the same

O sing His praise, give glory to His holy name:

Alleluia, Alleluia. Amen


* Blessing/Benediction


[* indicates to please stand]


Sermon Notes

“Delivered” (Psalm 140)


I. Introduction


II. Delivered from Evil Men


A. Praying for God’s intervention


B. Praying with confidence


III. Application


A. Why so much “enemy” talk?


B. Keeping us on our knees



Today: Nursery for children birth through three during Sunday School and Worship.


Today: The “Worship Training Room” (across from kitchen) is available for young families (livestream available)


Communication from us? Please fill out a Communication Card (on back table)


Today: Abortion Prayer Meeting (3rd Sunday), 11:45 in 4th/5th grade classroom


Wednesday: No Bible Education Night this week due to Thanksgiving


Wreath Making: Friday/Saturday 10am-4pm


Christmas Decorating: Nov. 30, 11am


December Dates: 12/2 Ladies’ Advent Brunch; 12/8 Christmas Party; 12/15 Swing Dance; 12/17 Children’s Pageant; 12/25 Christmas Day Worship


Reminder: No food or drink in sanctuary


Pastoral Counseling? See Pastor Henry


Food Pantry: Food available for ERC families in kitchen


Next Week’s Sermon Text: Psalm 141:1-10