A Primer for Non-Christians

We Christians can be a strange and frustrating bunch. We claim Jesus as Lord and Savior and often don’t live like it. We know that. We are not proud of it. There is no excuse for it. We find ourselves regularly confessing our failings to God. We probably should confess more to you, as well, given that our offenses are often committed against others. It would be humbling but our Lord loves humility.

Maybe some more explanation will help explain us to you, as well. There are a number of social and cultural matters important to us. It is the reason you see us red-faced sometimes. We do not want to get red-faced. We can struggle discerning when our anger is righteous and when it is not. But I hope the following is helpful.

We are pro-life and adamantly so. We believe God is the only one who gives life and, therefore, the only one who can take it. That is under His job description. It is not under ours. Because there is life in the womb, abortion is murder. We believe it is our nation’s greatest sin. We close our eyes and hear the cries of millions who have been pierced, diced, and suctioned. There is no middle ground. There is nothing to negotiate. Roe v. Wade must go. Our picketing, marching, one-issue voting, and praying will not cease.

We are for small government. Why? Simply put, we do not trust fallen man. The less power in the hands of a few is the best safeguard against tyranny. Liberty also encourages responsibility. Man works when he’s hungry. He provides when he must. God created us as such. Big government with big power results in oppression. It always does. It always will.

We are pro-marriage and pro-family. God created them both. A man is to marry a woman. A woman is to marry a man. They are to have children; lots of them if they can. Children are a blessing, not an inconvenience. We don’t want the village educating and caring for our kids. That is our responsibility. God has given them to us. We get bent out of shape when other institutions think they know better than mom and dad. We will fight for our children. That is not going to change.

We are optimistic and often find ourselves chuckling at the doomsayers. Whether it is climate change or COVID or whatever today’s threat may be, we believe Jesus sits on the Throne, ruling at the right hand of God orchestrating all. We fear God and not man. Everything is in perspective when we do. We die when He decides. His world will continue until His return. Overpopulation? Not enough food? Rogue governments and terrorists all over the place? We are at peace. God has made promises. We believe Him. We rest in Him.

We believe there are two genders, male and female. That is all that was created in the Garden. There is no gender continuum. A boy cannot become a girl. Regardless what he feels, he is to learn to become a man. A girl cannot become a boy. Regardless what she feels, she is to learn to become a woman. The gender and sexual nonsense all around us along with all things woke would be comical if people were not being hurt.

We go to church. Not because we are good or think it makes us good. We go to church because we must worship our Creator and Redeemer. We have a responsibility to do so and we do so out of gratitude for all that He has done. He saved us. He forgave us. And one day we shall be with Him forever. Sunday morning is not a show for us, it is worship. Plus, we like being with our brothers and sisters, fellow Christians we consider family. We have our spats from time to time, but we really do love each other. We absolutely love Sundays. It doesn’t matter if we are told we cannot meet—we will anyway.

Oh, and we would be remiss not to mention the Bible. Yes, it is old; and yes, there can be places difficult to understand. But it is God’s Word. The Bible does not need to conform to us or culture. We and culture need to conform to it. Man’s problem has always been thinking we know better.

We hope this helps. We would like nothing more than for you to join us. You may not have liked the things we have said, but we hope you now understand us better.

There is something else about this primer. You also know what I said to be true. You really do.  Our God made you in His image. No need any longer to deny who you are. There is room for you here. The door is wide open. Let’s meet up this Sunday.

Pastor Rich Hamlin
September 9, 2021

“Amending the Soil” Christian Education Conference

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