Your Fam Just Got Bigger

The dinner table never had been so full, chairs wrapped all the way around. Hungry mouths gathered to be filled. The laundry room was busier than ever. Would the old washer be able to keep up? And then there was the bathroom. It always seemed to be in use. The winy question from the hall, “Are you about done?” was heard often, especially during the high peak times of morning and evening.

The home had not gotten smaller. It had just gotten fuller. Mom and dad always had an open home. Growing up, we were encouraged to bring our friends over. We did. People were in and out through the years. But then came the adoption.

The thought was for one child, but when presented with triplets, mom and dad did not flinch. They always told us the house belonged to God, and if He wanted to fill the home with more children, well then, they wanted Him to fill it.

There was a time of adjustment, for sure. The “trips” didn’t know the way we did things, especially at first. I remember the first night, when called for dinner, one of them plopped down in my chair. It was the spot I had for years. I know that sounds petty, but it bothered me. The family dynamic changed too. There was less one-on-one time with my parents. I had to share them more. In fact, I had to share everything more. I did not know how attached I had become to my ways until my ways were disrupted.

I know the “trips” had to make adjustments, too. They were used to doing things a certain way. They were accustomed to the customs and routines of their previous stay. I know they thought that was going to be their “forever home”. I know they were saddened when it did not work out. They were surprised when they needed a new family. There was not a lot of warning. It just kind of happened.

In time, after the newness had worn off and adjustments had been made, the home settled into a new normal. And I must say, I did not see that coming, either.

I mean, I liked our family before. I was content with who we were. We had it nice. No complaints from me.

But now that our family has grown, I really like who we are becoming. The “trips” added energy, spunk, interests, and talents. I guess you could say they have amplified us. We are louder in the neighborhood. And that is a good thing. I do not know what our neighbors think. I do not even know what our extended family thinks.

What I do know is that the table is fuller, there is more laundry to do, and sometimes I have to wait for the bathroom. And all I have to say to that is, “Praise God.” He has made our family bigger. We had some extra room. And now that the empty bedrooms are full, mom and dad are even talking about adding on. Who saw that coming?

I sure didn’t.


To our “old church” family. We love you. We always wanted to grow but were content if God had other plans. But it is evident He has decided it is time for us to get bigger. We are taking into membership over 40 new families this Sunday. Thank you for welcoming the “new kids”. I know you are going to be wonderful siblings to your new brothers and sisters.

To those we are adding, we love you. Welcome to the family. We know we have our quirks. We hope we grow on you. Give us some time to get to know you. We are so glad you have moved in.

Pastor Rich Hamlin
March 11, 2021

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