Why Not Bisexuals?

Pollsters are telling us that the state of Washington is about to be the first state in the union to vote in same-sex marriage. That sentence needs to be amended somewhat. Our governor and state legislators changed the definition of marriage many months ago; we had to go through the legal process (a referendum) to put the issue on the ballot for the state’s citizens to decide. Let’s say the polls are correct and that marriage becomes genderless; no longer the biblical definition of a union between one man and one woman, but now a union between two people. The homosexuals are happy; so are the lesbians—but what about their “marching rights” buddies, the bisexuals?

They are the ones who want it sexually both ways. That’s their orientation, we are told—it is how they are wired. What are they supposed to do with marriage’s new definition? If they want to marry, they are going to have to pick a side, aren’t they?  Will they be heterosexual or will they be homosexual? Throughout the R-74 debate, we have been told it is all about fairness and rights. Well, if they are right like so many voters in the state believe they are; don’t force the bisexual to change—let them keep their split-sexuality and marry both. Why not? If it’s all about fairness and rights, isn’t my argument logical?

Sadly, if this blog went to the editorial page, there would be some applauding the reasoning: “Wow! A pastor who gets it—maybe he will do our same-sex marriage and then do my cousins bisexual threesome marriage.” Would there be some, however, who argue for same-sex marriage based upon rights and fairness that would see the issue is not about rights or fairness at all?

Marriage’s definition isn’t up to the governor, the legislature, or even the voters. God has defined it; and He has given us no indication He wants to amend it. He must be serious about His desire that husbands and wives mirror the relationship groom Jesus has with bride church (Ephesians 5). For any who doubt; He is serious about that!

Getting back to the bisexuals being left out of the results on this one; I’m fairly certain the whole thing has already been discussed with their voting-block gay friends. The same logic for same-sex marriage will be used for bisexuals next time. If gender can be stripped from marriage by having a vote; why can’t the number someone can marry be too? After all, three is only one more than two. Their plan is called “incrementalism”; they know this is just the first vote.

Pastor Rich Hamlin
October 11, 2012 

“Amending the Soil” Christian Education Conference

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