Toe and Elbow

“Ouch,” cried Toe.

“That’s the second time this morning you’ve been stubbed,” responded Elbow. “What’s your problem?”

“I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing,” informed Toe, “walking when I’m supposed to be walking. Why didn’t Eye tell me to stop?”

“He’s not around,” Elbow said, “something about being tired.”

“Tired? Doesn’t he know we all are? What about Brain? He knew the wall was coming. He’s supposed to think for us. Why didn’t he send me a message?” asked Toe, still smarting from his collision.

“He’s not here, either,” said Elbow, “something about only needing to be here every other time.”

“Every other time? What’s a Toe like me to do without Brain? I need him here. He knows things I don’t. I can’t move as fast when he’s not around. It’s just not the same without him,” Toe revealed.

“I told him that the other day but I don’t think he believed me. He mumbled about needing a break; and then some gibberish about ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder.’ Actually, I think he struggles with laziness,” sighed Elbow.

“But doesn’t Brain know all of us here at Body have to fight that, too? There’s lots of times when a sock is pulled over me in the morning and all I’m thinking about is wanting to go barefoot today and trek back and forth between the couch and fridge,” Toe sheepishly admitted to his friend.

Elbow agreed there were many times he felt the same. “What helps me on those days is remembering Wrist and Shoulder. I know they have to do more when I’m not around; often times stuff they are not equipped to do. In fact, Shoulder tried to do too much in my absence and is still sore and hurting.”

“What can we do about all this” asked Toe. “How can we let the others know how much we need them? How much Body suffers when there’re not around?”

“I’m not sure,” said a reflective Elbow. “All I know is that I see weariness setting in—Body is starting to show signs of wear. Maybe there is something, though. Conscience set me a text last week. He told me to look at 1 Corinthians 12:12-31—that it was a message he felt we all needed to hear. Now all I need is Eye to get back so he can read it to me.”

“I hope he gets back soon,” admitted Toe. “I need and miss him.”

Pastor Rich Hamlin
October 20, 2011 


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