Dietrich Baker


My wife Diedre and I knew about Evangelical Reformed Church because we both used to work with Pastor Hamlin at Youth for Christ, a para-church organization. We were looking for a church body with a reformed understanding of Scripture, a reverent and joyful approach to worship, and opportunities for growth and fellowship. We visited Evangelical Reformed Church and decided that it was the place where we wanted to grow in our faith and to raise our family.

God has providentially prepared me for becoming a deacon (in 2007) by placing many people in my life that have knowingly and unknowingly shown me how to love and serve others in practical ways. He has also given me opportunities to grow in His grace by serving Him on mission trips, leading Bible studies, and teaching Sunday school classes.

My hope for our church body is a loose paraphrase of Paul’s prayer for the Ephesian church in Ephesians 3:18: “I hope that as a church, ERC will be grounded in love, and have the strength with other believers to know the amazing love of Christ that surpasses all knowledge.”

I have lots of activities that I enjoy doing, many with my family, such as: camping (once the tent trailer is set up), listening to my daughter sing “Praise Ye the Lord,” laughing with my wife, talking theology with my little brother, hitting the sweet spot on the golf club, assisting a teammate on the basketball court, watching “March Madness,” teaching a lesson where my students “got it,” reading a book that I continue to think about after I’ve read it, playing board games with family and friends.

I can be contacted by phone listed in the church directory. Copies of the directory are available in the church office.

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