On the Wrong Road

Where are we headed? We certainly seem to be on a dry and bumpy backroad somewhere. We left the interstate and we did some time ago.

Can we get back there? We can. There are road signs. And there is even a map. But to be able to return, something must happen first. There needs to be a recognition that we are lost and that this sideroad we are on was not such a good idea after all.

The first step, in a word, is repentance. But there is the hang-up. Repentance involves humility and that is often in short supply.

It has been said, and by observation would have to agree, fewer people come to saving faith the older they get. That does not make sense given the older are closer to the grave. It does make sense, though, because the older have more to confess. A recognition that so much life was wasted and so much damage was done and so many things were gotten wrong.

So, here we are, bumping down the road, potholes galore, going nowhere fast. Time to repent, don’t you think?

The word-picture above has been vague. For whom is it intended?

How about our nation? It has quite the laundry list. We can start with the notion that God has nothing to say regarding the policies and laws of our land. Then there is abortion. And there is Darwin, Marx, and Freud who are regular guests in the government schools. And there is all the gender and sexual nonsense going on. And we must not forget the rewriting of history and the taking over of the dictionary. I suppose that is enough.

How about our churches? COVID has revealed much. How important is worship and gathering with the saints? And how much say and power does Caesar have? The church has been acting like they must kiss his ring. And why are the church’s children and youth growing less interested in God? What about confessing that the pew thinks like culture because the church has been too frightened to call out culture’s sins? There are some things to repent.

How about our families? Weak marriages have done their damage. Materialism and busyness have distracted moms and dads. Providing a Christian education, at least one that takes place around the dinner table, has largely been ignored. The primacy of church and ordering our schedules where the Lord’s Day is the highlight of the week disappeared long ago. Marriages and families have plenty to repent of.

How about ourselves? What Christian disciplines have we neglected? Prayer? Bible reading? Fellowship? Worldliness has enveloped us. Instead of a contrast in lifestyle and worldview, our lifestyle and worldview are often only a slight upgrade from our neighbor who has nothing to do with Jesus.

So, I would like to think there is multiple application from our opening illustration. Our nation, churches, families, and ourselves have much to confess for wandering from the King’s Highway.

Repentance is the need of the hour. But that takes humility. Which is why our nation, churches, families, and ourselves might be on this wrong road longer. But I hope not too much longer.

Pastor Rich Hamlin
May 6, 2021