COVID 19 ~ Letter to Church Regarding the Next Several Lord’s Days

March 19, 2020

Church Family,

Your elders and deacons met last evening to discuss our plan regarding COVID-19. Sadly, we will not be assembling at the church building. Though your leadership will be making decisions on a week-to-week basis, it appears we won’t have any large group gatherings for the next several weeks. This means there will be no Sunday School, Sunday Morning Worship, Bible Education Night, Membership Class, Men’s Breakfast, and Ladies’ Spring Tea and anything else on the church calendar until further notice.

What will we be doing? We are encouraging individuals and families to worship Sunday as we typically do but doing so at home. Each week, you will receive an abbreviated “Order of Worship” to be used on Sunday. Please read, pray, and participate just as you would if you were in our sanctuary. The email will include a link to a video sermon I will be providing each week. We discourage communion from home at this time, believing it to be the function of the church to administrate.

There certainly is flexibility here. Though music will not be provided, you may choose to add singing (which would be great). Perhaps you will choose to invite a few people from church or the neighborhood to join you. In many of your cases, this will be a great opportunity for husbands and dads to lead their homes spiritually.

Lastly, as this Sunday’s sermon will address (“Jesus and the Virus”), there is no reason to fear. In fact, God is the one who decided that this is exactly what we needed. Minister to those you can. Strengthen your faith, your family’s, and be a light in a frightened world. And certainly, please let us know what needs you may have during this trying time.

I remind you our church’s financial responsibilities continue. Our website provides a way for you to continue your tithes and offerings.

On behalf of your elders and deacons,

Pastor Rich Hamlin