Christian Culture: Find It, Create It

There was a time in our past where the ascetics headed for the desert and the monks hid behind high walls. Removing oneself from society was thought the way to keep oneself pure. But like our shadow, we take our sin with us wherever we go.

For two-plus centuries the church has had a good run in America. In fact, the church was instrumental in the birthing of our nation. Despite publishers and editors trying to scrub that fact, facts are facts. The last 60 years, however, have been difficult. Secularism, the acid that it is, has eaten away much of our nation’s Christian capital.

Some within the church saw what was happening. Most, however, were either asleep in their pulpit or pew or did not know what to do about it. Besides, separation of church and state was screamed anytime someone mentioned Jesus beyond the church parking lot.

So, here we are. Anyone with eyes in their head can see where culture is going, the train is chugging down the track faster and faster. Sodom is already a couple stops back, so was Gomorrah. The Abyss might not be too far away.

What is the church to do? What are Christians to do?

There are a multitude of things, perhaps the theme of future blogs, but before us in this one is to immerse ourselves and family in Christian culture, wherever we can find it. Being ostracized and marginalized does not mean there is not one. There always will be. So, find it. And while you are at it, create some, too.

It cannot be stressed enough. Every seven days you are to be in church. Word, sacrament, prayer, and fellowship are your lifeline. Outnumbered all week, you gather with your people to worship the Lord who is over all. And when there are additional opportunities to be together, it is vital to take advantage of those gatherings, as well (Sunday School, Men’s and Ladies’ Bible Study, Men’s and Boys’ Breakfast, Friday Study Group, etc.).

And I believe we are at a place where we need to “gird up our loins” even more. Make a practice when able to support Christians businesses. Some who live their faith out loud are getting stepped on by Big Brother, Big Tech, and Big Whoever. Just as many go to Chick-fil-A or Hobby Lobby because of their faith stance, let’s support other “mom-and pops” that do the same.

To aid this, our church is working on a church member’s “Business Pages”; making members aware of people within our own church who offer goods and services.

From previous blogs you know this is not an appeal to hide or flee culture. Not on your life. Actually, not on Jesus’ life, for he blood-bought everything and is firmly enthroned as Lord of All. So, we will not run for the desert or build monasteries in which to hide.

We are to live our faith, unashamed, humbly, and lovingly for all to see. One way to do that is to strengthen and create pockets of Christian culture everywhere.

We are never alone. He indwells us and we have each other. We need Christian culture. As does our dying world.

Pastor Rich Hamlin
January 28, 2021

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