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I. Introduction II. The Flood A. Some more "Covenantal information" B. Genesis 7: Historical record of a historical event C. Don't "deliberately forget" the flood III. Conclusion and Application A.…
I. Introduction II. The story of Noah A. Saved by grace and his life looked like it B. The significance of the word "covenant" C. The reality of the flood…
I. Introduction II. The Sinful World A. Genesis 6:5 captures the depth and pervasiveness of sin B. Genesis 6:6 captures God's response to our sin: grief and pain III. Conclusion…

Unholy Union

September 14, 2003
I. Introduction II. Unholy marriages A. Two interpretations 1. "Sons of God" = Believing line of Seth 2. "Sons of God" = Fallen angels (demons) B. Either interpretation leads to…


September 10, 2003
I. Introduction II. Kicked out of the Garden A. Adam demonstrates his faith by naming Eve B. Substitutionary Atonement referenced in 3:21 C. The significance that Cherubim guard the Garden…


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