Christopher Nyland

Christopher Nyland


In my quest for a church that holds to God’s truth in both doctrine and practice I was told of the faithful preaching of God’s Word at ERC. So I listened to several sermons online (from this website) and decided to visit. Been here ever since.

I became a deacon in 2008. My favorite part of being a deacon is serving the Lord’s Supper, caring for the landscape of the church building, working with other godly men of the church and serving the people of Evangelical Reformed Church as God has gifted me. God has given me many opportunities and abilities which I want to use to help the members of ERC grow in grace and truth as I discover and exercise my spiritual gifts. I have a bachelor’s degree from Multnomah University, Pacific Lutheran University and a Masters of Divinity from Faith Seminary.

My hope and vision for Evangelical Reformed Church is that the church will stand fast for the Word of God through its weekly preaching of God’s truth. Numeric growth would be great, but more importantly I would like to serve Evangelical Reformed Church so that there is continuing spiritual growth of the present members. I am optimistic that Evangelical Reformed Church will continue to evangelize and disciple all cultures and generations, locally and globally–that they will continue to be salt and light to Tacoma and the world.

I have lots of interests but a few of my favorite things are reading theology and great Christian biographies, collecting books, gardening, having an immaculate lawn, pushing computers past their limits, teaching adult Sunday School, making and drinking great coffee, barbecuing anything that fits on the grill for family and friends, and just plain. . .talking.

My wife, Gaye Lynn and I, have two adult daughters, Ashley and Lacey. I can be contacted by phone listed in the church directory. Copies of the directory are available in the church office.
My e-mail is:

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