Historical Highlights 1900AD-2000AD

July 17, 2010

1901: Pentecostal movement emerges, largely an offspring of the Holiness Movement, focuses on “Spirit baptism” (post-conversion) and speaking in tongues 1906: William Seymour leads the Azusa Street Revival, early instants of Pentecostalism 1909: Scofield Reference Bible, a KJV bible with dispensational interpretation notes 1910: The Fundamentals are published, 12 volume series, mostly apologetic in nature opposing the growing liberal, biblical criticism movement 1913: The “oneness” or “Jesus only” Pentecostals, baptize without recognizing Trinity 1921: Princeton Theological Seminary goes liberal, one of the last mainline seminaries to do so, conservative (Reformed) faculty leave and begin Westminster Theological Seminary 1922: Mary, Mediatrix…

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