Dr. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones

December 17, 2010

Pastor Rich will continue his series on “Some Choruses, a Pep-talk, and an Offering” after Christmas. David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (December 20, 1899 – March 1, 1981) was a Welsh pastor who was for almost 30 years the minister of Westminster Chapel in London and was well known for his expository preaching (sermons can be found here). Take ten minutes and watch the video below…it is worth it. The definitive biography of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was written by Iain Murray in two volumes and is highly recommended. They are  David Martyn Lloyd-Jones the First Forty Years 1899-1939 (v. 1) and David…

We Talk Too Much – Some Choruses, a Pep-talk, and an Offering, part 9 of 20

December 10, 2010

  God speaks; we respond. Those four words describe biblical worship. But the guy in jeans and un-tucked cool shirt behind the plexiglas podium has been doing too much talking lately. The sanctuary has become his stage; he’s a talk-show host giving out life-tips to a sorry congregation serving as his audience. Sure, the Bible is his answer book, but he parachutes in and out of texts giving little or no attention to redemptive context. He treats God’s Word not for what it is—the infallible revelation of God’s saving purpose in history; culminating in the life, death, and resurrection of…

Antiphonal Worship: He Speaks and We Respond – Some Choruses, a Pep-talk, and an Offering, part 8 of 20

December 3, 2010

What if our Sunday morning worship consisted of Scripture? I don’t just mean expository preaching (there’s a few of us still doing that), but I mean the entire service; a worship service where God speaks (through His Word) and then we respond. In other words a service where we read, preach, sing, and pray Scripture. Why wouldn’t we do that? Don’t we want to hear from the Lord? The presupposition is that the Scripture is God’s Word; that it is divinely inspired (2 Timothy 3:16), food for the soul (1 Peter 2:2), and light in the darkness (2 Peter 1:19).…

Let's Get Specific – Some Choruses, a Pep-talk, and an Offering, part 7 of 20

November 19, 2010

The case has been made that God, not us, gets to regulate His worship; after all, He is the One being worshiped (see previous posts). John Knox, the Scottish reformer, understood this: “All worshiping, honoring, or service invented by the brain of man in the religion of God, without His own express commandment, is idolatry” (Works, Vol. III). John Calvin called our brain an “idol factory” (Institutes, I.xi.8). If these two John’s got it right; lots of little evangelical brains have been forging away on Sunday morning for some time now. So if God gets to regulate His worship, how…

The Regulative Principle – Some Choruses, a Pep-talk, and an Offering, part 6 of 20

November 11, 2010

It’s called the “regulative principle”. In short, it means God says how He is to be worshiped; that He has said so in His Word; and that if it’s not found there, we don’t do it. It’s classically defined in the Westminster Confession. It reads: The light of nature showeth that there is a God, who hath lordship and sovereignty over all, is good, and doth good unto all, and is therefore to be feared, loved, praised, called upon, trusted in, and served, with all the heart, and with all the soul, and with all the might. But the acceptable…

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