He Gets to Decide – Some Choruses, a Pep-talk, and an Offering, part 4 of 20

October 28, 2010

Thus far, the case for God’s regulated worship has been made from the Old Testament. Can one be made from the New? Most certainly; we’ll look at one this time and another one the next. In Matthew 15, Jesus is having another run-in with Israel’s “worship experts”—the Pharisees. After their confrontation, Jesus gives them a […]

A Costly Worship Mistake – Some Choruses, a Pep-talk, and an Offering, part 3 of 20

October 21, 2010

 There is another guy with a funny name in our Bibles who paid dearly for his “worship mistake”. His name was Uzzah. King David was excited about moving the ark of God (2 Samuel 6:2) to Jerusalem. Sounded like a good idea; it was the embodiment of the presence of God. Thirty-thousand soldiers and the […]

We Should Know Better – Some Choruses, a Pep-talk, and an Offering, part 2 of 20

October 14, 2010

Can we go back to Nadab and Abihu for a minute (see previous article)? What is it they did that cost them their life? They offered “unauthorized fire” (Leviticus 10:1). One commentator said he thought that meant they were drunk. Not sure how you arrive at that one, though. What we do know is that […]

Inadequate Worship – Some Choruses, a Pep-talk, and an Offering, part 1 of 20

October 8, 2010

Therein describes the majority of Sunday morning (O, and now Saturday night) evangelical worship services. Is that a bad “order of worship”? I don’t know but it certainly is inadequate. We can do much better than what passes as typical worship today. Isn’t our life regulated by Scripture? It is. Certainly the worship of God […]

7 Wonders Creation Museum

October 6, 2010

On September 18, many from the church enjoyed a trip to the Mount St. Helens 7 Wonders Creation Museum. We were treated to a 45 minute presentation on the events of May 18, 1980, when beautiful Mount St. Helens erupted. This event has provided wonderful support for creation science and the biblical record of the […]

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